5 Adam Sandler Movies You Need To Watch

These are the all-time best Adam Sandler movies that you need to watch.

adam sandler movies

Adam Sandler has been trying to make us laugh for a long time and there have been times when he failed miserably, but he has also seen success on numerous occasions. He has been getting some good press lately, mainly because he has agreed to work with Netflix for four movies. The critics hate him, but fans still keep watching his movies in the hope that he might just make them laugh. Netflix knows what its users like and believes that we are ready for some more Adam Sandler movies. While you wait for the new movies to be released, here are five Sandler movies that feature him at his best:

1. Happy Gilmore

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“Happy Gilmore” made everyone laugh and Sandler’s performance in this movie is considered one of his best. Gilmore is a failed and rejected hockey player who decides to take up professional golf to save his grandmother’s house. There is a lot of goofiness and many corny jokes that would send anyone into a laughing spree. IMDB rates this movie at 7.0.

2. Hotel Transylvania

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This animated movie made people fall in love with Sandler all over again. Sandler stars as the Dracula, the main character, who runs a successful resort in Transylvania that is hidden from humans so that he can raise his daughter in a protected environment. Things take a turn for the worst when his daughter’s 118th birthday celebration is marred by a human accidentally stumbling upon the hotel. We get to see a different side of Sandler in this animated flick. It has earned a 7.1 rating on IMDB.

 3. Reign Over Me

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“Reign Over Me” was different from most movies Sandler stars in, but his performance was still extraordinary. With a 7.5 rating on IMDB, this movie is about Charlie who lost his wife and kids in the terrorist attacks on September 11. He meets an old college friend who helps him out of this trauma. The movie unleashes a wave of emotions usually not associated with Sandler’s comedy flicks.

4. Punch-Drunk Love

adam sandler movies

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Sandler plays Barry Egan­­­, who has many problems to tackle along with taking care of seven sisters, which doesn’t leave him much time for himself. He finds refuge in a young lady who seeks his help with her car. Egan feels that she is “the one” and tries to start a relationship with her despite the complications in his life. The movie has drama and romance, but is also filled with comedy. The movie’s IMDB rating is 7.3.

5. 50 First Dates

adam sandler movies

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This movie is about Henry Roth (Adam Sandler), a bachelor who is scared of commitment. That is, until he bumps into Lucy, whom he believes he is destined to be with. However, things take a sudden turn when Henry finds out that Lucy has short-term memory loss. Henry decides to embark on a quest to make her fall in love with him all over again, every day. The movie is a light comedy, which is filled with puns. IMDB gives the movie a 6.8 rating.

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