Alison Jackson May Get Into Trouble For These Donald Trump Photos

Alison Jackson came up with these highly controversial photos of Donald Trump that may lead her to some heavy legal actions.

Alison Jackson is a British artist who might have taken a step way too far in showing her artistry. She used Donald Trump’s lookalikes to pose him in very compromising situations. These images range from the US President having sex with Miss Mexico in the Oval Office to having his pictures taken with Ku Klux Klan, The Guardian reports.


Jackson was actually trying to focus on the ‘cult of celebrity’ with her latest series of photography. Her latest series also includes photos of the Royal family and the Clintons too. However, she was highly warned by her lawyers to not publish these photos as she might get into trouble. She tried a number of publishers but no one was willing to publish them, so she had only one choice left; to self-publish them in her book, called ‘Private.’



She admitted by the end of October that getting sued by Trump is ‘frightening.’ She said, ‘Nobody wants to be sued by the US President. But I don’t want to stop doing the work. I don’t think any artist or satirist, or anybody who sits outside the establishment, should have their artistic freedom stopped. It would be an outrageous moment if all artists had to stop doing their work because the President of the United States didn’t like it.’



Moreover, Trump and his company have been involved in at least 3,500 legal actions over the past 30 years. Even his wife, Melania Trump is currently in the midst of suing the Daily Mail and a blogger for $150 million for over allegations regarding her modeling career.



Alison also added, ‘To have your artistic freedom curtailed you’re running into the realms of dictatorship, aren’t you?’




Alison is playing a dangerous game but she has her rights, at least she’s trying to use them fully, unlike many other people out there.

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