9 Cool Anti-Valentine Day Gifts To Steal the Spirit of Valentine’s Day

For all the single people out there, these are the best anti-valentine day gifts ideas for you this year.

Anti-Valentine Day Gifts Ideas

Valentine Day is around the corner like every year and similarly, there are many amongst us that are not waiting for its arrival. There are many people that wish the Grinch would come and steal the spirit of Valentine’s Day too. For all those people that don’t want to celebrate this day, BuzzFyre brings the cool anti-Valentine Day Gifts for them.

Bacon Is My Valentine Tee

What better companion to mention than Bacon. Bacon is always there for you.

Buy It Here: (zazzle.com)


Did U Fart Anti-Valentine Classic Thong

This one’s for all the drama queens out there that want to show their inner hatred with some naughtiness.

Buy It Here: ( cafepress.com)


The Ex Unique Knife Set

This is one wicked cool design for a knife holder, which outshines the traditional wood block. This Ex Knife Set is the perfect Anti-Valentines Day Gift for your friends that are single.

Buy It Here: (Amazon.com)


Break-Up Survival Kit

This is the perfect break-up survival kit and it may help a girl cope up with her loss. There is a 32-page book that offers empowering advice about moving on, along with a heart eraser, self-affirming mirror compact with a comb, stickers to deface old photographs, a “Do Not Cross” caution tape to keep you away from the phone when temptation rises and a poster to remind her why she is better off without him.

Buy It Here: (Amazon.com)


Anti-Valentine’s day T-Shirt

If you just want to tell the whole world you’re against Valentines Day then this is the perfect T-Shirt for you.

Buy It Here: (zazzle.com)


Sarcastic Candy Hearts

These small hearts are the perfect Anti-Valentines Day gift as they have some of the most dejected, dysfunctional and dumped on messages ever.

Buy It Here: (Amazon.com)


The Emo Anti-Valentine’s Day Collection

If you don’t have a date this year, then Vitamin Records have your back. They have a compilation feature of fourteen hardcore, string quartet tribute to some of the emotional’s most legendary artists.

Buy It Here: (Amazon.com)


Anti-Valentine Book Lover Matchboxes

This one is perfect for the ones that love to play with fire, just light a match and snuff out of the memory of your ex-flame.

Strike a match; snuff out the memory of your ex-flame.

Buy It Here: (etsy.com)


Witches, Bitches and Hos elixir by Dori Midnight

The potent elixir aims to empower edge walkers, shape-shifters, magicians, priestesses, sex workers, and lovers of the greater mother. Sign us up for this for sure.

Buy It Here: (omesteadapothecary.com)


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