Apple Launched A Clothing Line in 1986, Seriously!

The well-renowned Apple had difficulties in its early days, like choosing which business to go for, technology or clothing line.

apple 1986 clothing

Apple Inc., whenever this name comes around everyone starts to think about iPhone, iPods, Macs and every other tech product the company has come out with. But how would you feel if we tell you that Apple used to have a clothing line as well?

In 1986, Apple released its clothing line which included sweatshirts, sunglasses, Polos, Belts, patriotic Apple gear with Turtlenecks shirts and Macintosh hats. We believe things didn’t work out for Apple in this business segment and that’s why it had to stop it. Check out Apple’s 1986 clothing line in the pictures below.

Apple sweatshirts For His & Hers

apple 1986 clothing

Apple sunglasses and Polos; Party-time Apple tees

apple 1986 clothing

Apple Belts, the collection logo.

Apple belts, the collection logo.

Complete Apple Gear with Turtlenecks shirts, tied in various Arrangements.

apple 1986 clothing

Macintosh hats, for the serious v-neck sweater-wearing man with a serious — yet weirdly satisfied — gaze. Just look at that swag.

Apple 1986 Clothing Collection

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