Was Barack Obama Able To Achieve His New World Order?

Before the new President is elected, let us' talk about the previous President Barack Obama

The New World Order is merely a conspiracy theory that has gained immense popularity in a fairly short span of time. This theory is one of those conspiracy theories that has gained a lot of popularity in a fairly short span of time. It becomes really hard to discriminate between facts and rumors when such conspiracy theories become popular.

Well, let’s focus on the New World Order now. The New World Order is one of those conspiracy theories that involve some of the elite and financially strong families across the globe. The agenda behind this theory is to bridge the gap between the sovereignty of various states and combining them on one consolidated authoritarian government globally. This has made it fairly easier to blame politicians and increase rivalry among them. One can also associate major catastrophic events such as battles and terrorist attacks to this theory.


This is a theory similar in mechanism to the Illuminati etc.  that is designed in a manner to control the world. This involves enforcement of power by a relatively small amount of people in control of the masses.

It is said that the New World Order uses various methods for surveillance such as bar codes, social security systems etc. for keeping a track of the activities of people. This way they can keep better hold on individual activities.

The people who are in power when it comes to the New World Order are considered to be the most influential people have massive bank accounts. It is said that these people are somehow related to one another through genetically. While a large number of people are associated with the New World Order but only a few have the significant places.

The United Nations and its counterparts such as World Health Organization, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization etc. are considered to be those organizations that are assisting the New World Order in order to establish a single authoritarian state.

The mechanism this ideology works on follows three basic rules namely, problem, reaction, and solution. The first thing they do is create a problem. When you give birth to a problem it generally results in political instability. Then a lot of popularity is given to the issue where major organizations consolidate on one platform. This is the reaction phase and finally, the solution part comes into play. The solution revolves around the benefit of the New World Order as whatever the outcome comes is usually in a manner that supports their stance.

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