12 Of The Most Beautiful Black Chickens Breed

Ever wondered if there are black chickens? Forget one, here are 11 breeds of all black chicken.

black chicken

If you have ever been to a farm or any area where livestock is grown then you would have seen chickens that would either have been white or in different shades of brown. There is a very slim chance that you would see a black chicken.

There are very few black chicken breeds out there, some even have black skin and black meat too. Here’s a list of the all black chicken breeds that are known.

1. Ayam Cemani Black Chicken

This is the blackest of all chickens, the Ayam Cemani. It is mostly found in Indonesia and particularly in Java, Madura Island, and Sumatra. The chicken is completely black due to fibromelanosis, which is a genetic condition that causes hyperpigmentation. This causes the chicken’ feathers, beaks, claws, skin and meat to be black, and the only thing that is not black is its blood.

ayam cemani black chickens

2. White Polish Chicken

These White Polish Chicken are an ornamental breed found in Poland. They are majorly used as show chickens. They do become great pets too even though they have an obscured vision due to the feathers on their heads.

black chicken

3. Minorca Black Chicken

This is another great breed of black chickens called the Minorca chicken. This chicken originated on the Mediterranean island of Minorca and was made popular in Spain. Initially, these black chickens were small but they have been bred to be much bigger than their ancestors.

minorca black chicken breed

4. Orpington Black Chicken

These chickens were firstly bred by William Cook in Orpington, England in 1886. The main purpose was to duplicate the size and egg-laying capabilities of American chickens that had white skin. This chicken was the result of that and it became really popular too.

ORPINGTON black chicken breed

5. Silkie Black Chicken

These black chicken are quite popular among people who like to raise chickens as pets as they are very fluffy and soft along with being trusting and gentle. Their feathers get soaked easily and that’s why they do not like wet weather. They come in various colors including black, gold, gray and white but all of them have black skin, black faces, and their legs, meat, and beaks are dark gray or grayish-blue. Moreover, they have five toes compared to other chickens that have four usually.

silkie black chicken

6. Sumatra Black Chicken

These chickens are from Sumatra but are also found in Java and Borneo, where they live in the wild and on poultry farms. They come in many colors but the red and black is the most favored among farmers. Initially, they were sold for fighting but now they are majorly sold for the exhibition.

sumatra black chickens

7. Swedish Black Chicken (Svarthöna)

This black chicken was originally bred in the counties of Dals and Bohuslan in Sweden. They came about when the Ayam Cemani cross-bred with local chickens and thus it has the same all-black pigmentation but are much smaller in size.

swedish black chickens

8. Valdarno Black Chicken

This black chicken was originally bred in Italy in 1905. This chicken is known for its high-quality meat and hardiness.

valdarno black chickens

9. Ancona Black Chicken

This breed originated in the town of Ancona, Italy but it is now popular in America and England. It is distinguished by the black color with white accents.

ancona black chickens

10. Black Shumen

This black chicken breed is rare and is native to the Shumen region of Bulgaria. It has white skin, black feathers, and a proper red comb.

shumen black chickens

11. Kadaknath Black Chicken

This black chicken breed is native to Madhya Pradesh, India. It is mostly black but there are golden and mottled breeds as well. Moreover, apart from black meat, it has black bones too.

kadaknath black chickens

12. Cubalaya Black Chicken

Cubalaya black Chicken

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