The Best and Fastest Web Browser of 2017

Ever thought on which web browser is the best or perhaps the fastest or even the most secure? This list will help you decide for 2017.

best fastest web browser 2016

So ever wondered which web browser is the fastest in 2017? Well, it is a fairly tough question as all comes down to preference and choice. You might like one feature of a certain browser that might force you to use it whereas other might just loathe it. So, it primarily comes down to your choice and convenience. Every browser present in the market to date has certain strengths that assist it in withstanding the competition and certain weaknesses that nag its growth.

Google Chrome so by far considered as the best and fastest web browser in the market, which has a collection of certain applications that are very useful, extensions are also available, and their update schedule is quite abrupt. On the other hand, many browsers are transforming in order to come to the level of Chrome or even supersede it. But now Opera, Firefox etc. also came up with frequent updates that clearly give a tough time to Chrome. It is pretty weird but we are in a phase of time where even the average browser is the market leader, hence Chrome is the leanest and fastest browser that has user-friendly application browsing capability.

Fastest web browser

When it comes to the browser, what a user directly looks forward to is secure browsing. Security and privacy are the utmost concern of all users. Google Chrome is considered to be as the most reliable browser in terms of security. Even other browsers are somewhat reliant on Google to figure out about the alarming websites. Browsers such as Opera, Firefox etc. all constantly update themselves to meet the security requirements but Chrome is one step ahead when it comes to security as it constantly scans those downloads which it considers harmful.

According to a recent consensus done by StatCounter, it was deduced that the fastest browser available is Google Chrome that has almost 53 percent users of the entire market share. This has crowned it as the top notch browser. No other browser has such a strong market as Google Chrome, which makes it the undoubted leader of the pack.

Despite the fact that Google Chrome is the most popular browser with the most usage and compatibility, other browsers are making their way to the top as well. Google Chrome needs to come up with something more if it wishes to continue being the leader of the web browsing industry. The competition is fairly tough hence it is now on Chrome to decide if it wants to sustain its present position or not.

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