15 Funny WiFi Names of 2017 That Will Surely Make You Laugh

These funny WiFi names can give you great ideas to choose a special one for your WiFi.

Funny WiFi Names

One crime we are all guilty of is stealing or trying to steal Wi-Fi connections from our not-so-tech-savvy neighbors. Every once in a while we try to guess the passwords of some connections. However, there are some users who go the extra mile to bug you by assigning funny and strange names to their Wi-Fi connections. Funny WiFi names for networks are becoming quite common and we decided to make a list of some of the funniest.

Yes, you need to make sure that your mom does not snoop around and end up using all your precious bandwidth by buffering her soaps online. Or maybe, you just want her to know that you care for her.

Drink a lot of water then.

Sends a crisp and clear message and serves you right for trying to be a freeloader.  Pay your bills on time instead of looking for free Wi-Fi.

Quite an interesting way to deter wanderers and stealers.

Such a cute way to propose to someone who is stealing your Wi-FI.

Yes, make sure your neighbor knows you mean business.

Too much going on in this neighborhood.

Woohooo Paaaarrrrrttttttyyyyyyy!

Must connect to see just how fast it is.

Looks like someone needs English lessons.

Another grammar Nazi strikes and this one is bent on making sure everyone knows about it.

It was sent down by God himself and promises blazing speed.

It’s time someone sent them a clear message.

A great way to spook out the entire neighborhood and scare away miscreants.

Try sleeping with that information at night.

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