15 Best Motivational TED Talk Videos Of All Time To Inspire You

These are the 15 best motivational TED talk videos of all time that may give you a food for thought if not inspiration.

Motivational TED Talk

TED has been one of the most popular platforms for many different types of speakers and events. There have been many speakers that talked about how to improve your personal life, how to improve your professional life, and some even talked about how to better your life at home. Each TED talk is worth listening and for your convenience, BuzzFyre compiled the 15 best motivational TED Talk videos of all time.

1. Judson Brewer: A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit

No. of views: 2,350,695
Length: 9 min. 24 sec.

Judson Brewer says that you’re probably not going to make it more than halfway through this list without getting distracted at least once. That’s because you’ve developed a habit—a trigger, behavior, and reward—to check your email or Facebook to feed your short attention span.

Brewer’s talk uses the brain’s evolutionary means of forming a habit to teach you how to turn it around and break it.

2. Derek Sivers: Keep Your Goals to Yourself

No. of views: 698,019
Length: 3 min. 45 sec.

Research reveals a bad news for those who people that tend to rush straight to their friends right after they have a new goal.

It turns out that those who voice their goals to those around them are less likely to achieve them. Psychologically, if you have a goal and seek satisfaction in telling someone else, your brain thinks you’ve already crossed it off your bucket list and this causes you to not focus on it that much.

Sivers explains the psychology behind why telling someone your goal is a bad idea, contrary to popular belief.

3. Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation

No. of views: 5,646,797
Length: 18 min. 36 sec.

When you’re given a task with a deadline, how do you motivate yourself to start working?

Multiple research studies have looked deeper into the concept behind ‘why we do what we do’ and ‘what convinces us to do it.’ In reality, the things we think are enough to prompt us don’t work at all.

Pink’s talk tackles the concept of motivation and shows us how we can use a little science to teach ourselves to be more productive.

4. Tim Harford: How Frustration Can Make Us More Creative

No. of views: 149,033
Length: 15 min. 32 sec.

You may not have noticed that the realization that a problem needs in solving rarely dawns on you until frustration overpowers us to continue going on the way things are.

Harford, in this talk, tells the story of how a pianist, disappointed with the instrument he was expected to use to entertain a concert hall’s worth of an audience, managed to create musical magic by creating something new out of something barely usable.

It is the moment you are convinced you cannot change your surroundings when you realize you are the only one who can.

5. Stefan Sagmeister: 7 Rules for Making More Happiness

No. of views: 90,929
Length: 9 min. 33 sec.

If you have ever blamed your circumstances or your environment for your level of happiness, you are not alone.

Surveys have found many surprising reasons for how happy or unhappy we are throughout our lives. Things like gender and climate don’t affect happiness as much as meaningful relationships do, for example.

In his talk, Sagmeister lays out the ideal design for a happier life, perfect for those searching for joy wherever they are and with whomever.

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