7 Best Things About Having An Elder Sister

Having an elder sister is one of the best feelings in the world and if you have one, you need to read this.

Elder Sister
elder sister
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“Of two sisters, one is always the watcher, one the dancer.” – Louise Glück

The quote above perfectly highlights the relationship between two sisters. Amidst all the differences and never-ending fights, you realize that an elder sister is more of a blessing than a burden; she is your first best friend and your first non-parental support system. Growing up with an elder sister might be a pain, but soon you realize that you may have taken the closeness between you for granted, and you have grown so accustomed to it, that not having her around might cause great difficulties in your life.

Below, we list seven reasons why your elder sister might be the best thing that has happened to you till now, and she might be the reason behind many great things coming your way in the future.

1. She is the first channel that introduces you to the real world

Yes, as much as you hate it, you know that she is the first person you can go and talk about all the “grown-up stuff.” She will warn you about all the dangers that might be waiting for you out there, and she will also tell you how to fight them. Be it guy problems or general issues you face growing up, she will be your mentor throughout. She is also fun and you have to admit, if it wasn’t for her, you would have never been able to escape your mother’s interrogation and watch all those chick-flicks and read those romantic novels.

2. Your friends say you have an admirable personality? Give credit to your elder sister!

She will teach you between right and wrong, and will also help you circumvent some norms if it makes you a better person. As much as you hate the bossiness, you know that she is almost always right and you aspire to be as cool and thoughtful as she is.

3. She will tell you on your face when you look ugly…

Honest opinion is something your elder sister will provide you in abundance. Going out for dinner with friends and not sure what to wear? She will give you honest fashion advice and then honestly criticize you when you look like a clown. You might hate it when she does that, but in all honesty, she saves you from a lot of embarrassment that you might face in public.

4. Then steal your clothes because she needs a reward for her honesty

Well, she isn’t nice for no reason. Being older, she thinks she owns everything, even your things. You will never have a wardrobe of your own and sooner or later, you will just get used to clothes disappearing from your closet and appearing in your sister’s wardrobe.

5. She is the reason why you never became responsible

As the elder one, she will remember your mom’s, dad’s, best friend’s, and even your dog’s birthday. She will drive you everywhere during your high school years and wait for hours while you sit inside the café and gossip about school. Your parents have entrusted her to look after you, and becoming your personal servant is included in her job description.

6. Your friends adore her, and she makes you a wee bit more popular within your friends’ circle

Your girlfriends love her fashion sense, her well-paying job, her car, and her mature opinions on guys, life, and all its problems. There are times when you are left feeling that they might love her more than you.

7. No matter how silly or serious your grudges are against each other, at the end of the day she is your best friend and the one person you can always count on

You have shared your deepest secrets with her, have watched movies with her in pajamas, have cried on her shoulders, have told her your worst fears, and have shared your happiest moments with her. She is the one person you can go crazy with without the fear of being judged, and you know that she makes life a hundred times easier for you by just being there.

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