12 of the Unique & Best Business Card Design Ideas

No longer are business cards just dull walls of text on a card. Our list of best business card designs of 2017 will inspire your creative bone to come up with a classier way to share your business contact with clients and friends.

business card design

Who says your business card has to be simple or boring? After all, this is the most important tool of networking that you have at your disposal. Unfortunately, most people still don’t know the true power of a good business card for grabbing someone’s attention. So how exactly are you supposed to use your business card as a weapon of mass networking? You get creative and get your business cards designed in a way that makes them stand out from the usual deck, and the following 12 examples of business cards do just that.

Are you in the shipping or cargo business? If yes, then you need to avoid those plain white business cards. Give UPS a run for its money with this convertible card box business card. Send the message clearly that you mean business, literally.

What is the best way to clearly communicate what you are good at? A picture. It’s as simple as that. A picture is worth a thousand words and this business card speaks volumes about your job.

Another practical example for associating your card with your profession.  What do you associate most with yoga? A yoga mat. There go you.

In the world of too many investment banks and brokers, you need to come out sharp and clearly communicate to the clients that their money is safe in your hands.

So you are in the wine business and hold tasting events. But how does your shop stand out from the others? Having Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1945 in your stockpile maybe one way, but if you don’t have that, then leave an impression with your creative business card.

The frames business is quite generic and most of the time, a customer even forgets where they got their first few frames from. You need to get yourself framed in their mind.

Everyone likes a tester or a freebie. Send them a sample and see the results take root.

So you have a high-end DSLR with all the latest equipment and you can capture stunning photographs. That is one way of sending the message across, but only once. Give your clients and prospective clients a reason to think and smile every time they have a look at your business card.

This is one bold statement of a business card.

This dentist is getting creative, and it definitely caught our attention.

Divorce lawyers do not need to be feared, they need to be creatively-feared.

We saved this cute bit for the last. You may say that this is not a business card, but this cute plunger is one thing that people would remember. Plus, unlike normal business cards, you do not have to worry about it being thrown away. People will want to show this off to their friends.

Image Courtesy boredpanda

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