9 Creative And Unique Cast Designs

BuzzFyre presents some amazing and unique cast designs that may come handy someday.

cast designs

What do you do when you break a limb? Sit unhappily in a corner with a simple white cast? Well, some people rebel against the norms and get busy to beautify their casts. After all, one has to live with the cast for a few weeks and being surrounded by ugliness is just plain sad.

1. This cute bunny broke a limb and was so sad. Now with its beautiful cast, it is still injured but is happy as an injured animal can be.

2. Flaming hot design for the wild ones. We are sure the other leg feels a little jealous of its hot counterpart.

3. Bones may break but iron doesn’t. So this particular person tried the iron man avatar so things don’t go wrong this time around.

4. Tommy jumped out the window while “Dexter’s Laboratory” was playing cartoon network. Here is a subtle reminder of its mischief. Also, we are making up the whole story.

5. The doctor said that the cast shouldn’t get wet at all. This painting was a tribute to a canceled beach plan and also because turtles are cute.

6. All that shines is a cast. Super glue and mother’s embroidery box should be thanked for this beauty.

7. This person wanted to make it a point to let everybody, and we mean everybody, know about his injury.

8. People who have broken limbs can be fashionable too. This is proof of that.

9. His cast will protect him. The little Captain America shows off his cute cast shield.

All pictures courtesy of boredpanda.com

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