Here Are Celebrities Before And After Photoshop – Magical Right?

If you ever thought that celebrities are all so glamorous in real then let us enlighten you on something called photoshop.

Celebrities Before And After Photoshop

If you think celebrities pull off amazing looks due to their near-to-perfect features then you are in for a shock. The secret is not diets, or oils, or other cosmetic therapies; it’s Photoshop. A lot of Photoshop goes into making these celebrities look picture-perfect. Here are some before and after Photoshop versions of some celebrities to make you feel good about yourself.

Image: Viralscape

Adriana Lima before and after being Photoshopped. Unbelievable? Believe it!

Image: ViralNova

Yes, this is what Angelina Jolie looks like. Trust us, Photoshop does her wonders.

Image: Cosmopolitan

You can see the difference for yourself. Can you find the missing pores?

Image: ViralNova

Madonna looks brighter and fresher than ever. Plus, her lips aren’t chapped anymore.

Image: Cosmopolitan

Gosh, even we marveled at the difference. Photoshop does wonders for the Mad Man.

Image: Cosmopolitan

Poof! The wrinkles disappear like magic. However, we’re curious, did they make his nose thinner too?

Image: Viralnova

Penelope Cruz cruises beautifully on Photoshop.

Image: Viralnova

Even a true beauty like Scarlett Johansson needs some lovin’ from Photoshop.

Image: Cosmopolitan

If he could Photoshop his singing talent as well.

Image: Viralnova

Wow, seems to us that Photoshop has hit her not one time but on many occasions.

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