5 Cool Office Spaces Which Make You Question Where You Work

These cool office spaces will surely make you question where are you working and why.

cool office spaces

There is nothing more tiring and demotivating than a dull and boring office environment. A colorful and vibrant office not only brightens the mood of employees, but it also helps keep them motivated. Here are some very cool offices spaces that will make you wish you worked there.

Selgas Cano Architecture

This office brings you closer to nature, literally. The office is half underground and the other part covered with glass so that employees can witness nature in all its glory. The office interior is brightly lit for obvious reasons. The office belongs to Selgas Cano Architecture, a company in Madrid, Spain.


Google makes you desperately want to work for the search giant. It has mastered the art of cool office space and its employees are truly loving it. The pictures above are of Google’s Tel Aviv office. Google delights its employees by making sure that they are never bored, and it does so by offering free food, which is available at kitchens and snack counters within quick reach. It seems like Google is not Google without slides and swings. It is known for designing its offices that mirror the feel of a playground.


The Facebook office has neat layouts and bright designs. It also has great meeting spaces centered around cafes and kitchens for colleagues to hang out. The company flirts with nature by offering plush outdoor seating and meeting areas with a variety of food options.

White Mountain Office

Ever heard of White Mountain? At first we thought this was the name of a mountain range until we found out what it really was. White Mountain is located in Stockholm and is an internet service provider. The picture above shows the office’s lair, and no, we are not kidding. It is built underground and has its own bat cave. We are quite positive that their internet service is as rock solid as its office. This space was previously used as a shelter from atomic bombs until White Mountain decided to turn it into a bomb of an office.


Yes, this is one of Microsoft’s office and it looks nothing like the office you have on your PC. This office space is located in Vienna and Microsoft has gone to great heights to design it. It has a layout that emanates a feeling of a fresh and bright environment. It also has themed meeting and conference rooms. Even though Bing is a dud when compared to Google’s search engine, it looks like Microsoft wants to give Google a run for its money when it comes to having a cool office.

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