The Cutest and Yummiest Cupcakes Photography You Ever Seen

Just look at those adorable and cute little cupcakes. We didn't know cupcakes photography was a thing.

cupcake photoshoot

This week’s post on food photography is all about cute little bundles of sweetness, or cupcakes as the world calls them. Cupcakes are little versions of heavenly cakes that not only look amazing but are also a treat for our taste buds.

This Neapolitan cupcake lights us up every time we look at it. The cookie on top makes the cupcake look like it’s wearing a hat.

This trio with purple icing along with beads and flowers can make the manliest man go “aww.”

A perfect gift for a couple on a romantic rendezvous; the aroma of coffee alone is enough to rekindle romance.

Sweet and simple. This is one cupcake that packs a lot underneath its hood in terms of flavor.

Mini-bites with flower patterns. The addition of a strawberry as a topping makes it look even better.

Let your artistic flair run wild and unleash your inner child with that icing.

This pink and white cupcake collection showcases the creativity of the baker.

We talked about a couple’s delight and this is another addition in that category. The icing is different with a chocolate ball on top instead of a cherry.

This rose-petal-shaped cupcake is recommended as a gift on Valentine’s Day.

This cookie-monster cupcake is the perfect treat for your little one.

We wouldn’t mind devouring these little monsters.

Images Courtesy of Flickr

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