Here Are 10 Disney World Facts and Secrets On Its 46th Birthday

We bet you wouldn't know these Disney world facts and secrets.

disney world facts and secrets

Walt Disney World first opened its gates for fun-lovers and Disney fans in Orlando, Florida on October 1, 1971. Since then, this city-sized theme park has become the biggest platform for creating fun-filled memories and real-life magic by using state-of-the-art technology. The theme park has completely redefined the meaning of having fun for people of all ages. On its 46th birthday, let’s have a look at ten of the fascinating facts about Disney World:

disney world facts and secrets

1. Initially, Disney World was built to complement Disneyland in Anaheim, California in 1955. However, Walt Disney was not in favor of opening new businesses around Disneyland and decided to build another park on the east side of Mississippi where a majority of the US population lived at that time.

2. The total size of the theme park is 40 square miles, precisely the size of San Francisco. There is a reason why we call it city-sized!

3. It is said that the original Disneyland Park can fit into the parking lot of the Magic Kingdom and still spare space for the parking of some 300 cars. Seems like the word spacious was created for this park.

4. On the day the theme park was opened, the price of general admission to Disney World was just $3.5. Today it costs $89. Makes us want to go back in time!

5. Around 2000 different colors are used to paint rides and walls all around Disney World. Disney has surely put in a lot of effort to make its park colorful.

disney world facts

6. A hotel suite is located in Cinderella’s Castle but is unfortunately only used for promotional giveaways. The suite is said to have a flat-screen TV in the shape of a magic mirror.

7. The longest ride at Disney World is Ellen’s Energy Adventure, which goes on for approximately 45 minutes.

8. Covering an area of around two football fields, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is the world’s largest inland wave pool.

9. More than 600 million guests have visited this one-of-its-kind theme park till now. This number is increasing as you read this article.

10. It’s self-sustaining; Disney grows more than 30 tons of vegetables and fruits every year at EPCOT’s Land Pavilion, which are then supplied to its restaurants and cafes.

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