Elon Musk Crying Because His Heroes Criticized SpaceX Pretty Messed Up

Elon Musk is crying and you can't guess why. Check out the video and you'll understand.

It’s not every day that you see Elon Musk crying over something especially regarding his SpaceX program. One of his biggest hero, Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan criticized the program. This news became quite a trend on Reddit as many people shared their views on the matter.

This is what Steve Jurvetson had to say about this incident.

An Apollo Tribute to SpaceX

When I saw Elon Musk tear up on 60 Minutes facing the verbal assault from one of his heroes — Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan — I knew what I had to do.

When I saw 60 Minutes, my first thought was to get Gene Cernan (the last man to walk on the moon) to visit SpaceX as Elon had implored. I have been buying space artifacts from Gene over the past year and knew how to reach him. I tried to encourage him to visit SpaceX but to no avail. So I flew out to talk to him face to face. I waited until SpaceX became the first private company to bring a spacecraft back from orbit, and the first to bring cargo to the space station, and the first to bring science experiments back. I also gathered signatures and congratulatory sentiments from the other Apollo heroes first.

Then I approached Gene Cernan and held my breath. I figured it would be a bit more difficult to break from the social proof of his esteemed colleagues. And so he listened. As with every Apollo astronaut who signed this photo, I was able to talk about SpaceX and answer his questions. Gene was interested in who financed SpaceX — what big money interests got it going. I told him that Elon Musk personally financed the company for all of its first $100 million when no one else would bet on the venture, and he saw it through thick and thin, including the first three launches of the Falcon 1, all of which failed spectacularly. As I told him these stories of heroic entrepreneurship, I could see his mind turning. He found a reconciliation: “I never read any of this in the news. Why doesn’t the press report on this?”

Cernan was the last hold out. Neil Armstrong wrote a strongly worded letter to 60 Minutes saying that he was taken out of context. The program editor agreed: “Armstrong wrote us to say we had not been complete in our description of his testimony. He’s right. Armstrong is, arguably, the greatest explorer of the 20th Century. I suspect he has admiration for anyone in science or business who sees new possibilities. He may not be confident in a particular federal policy, but I imagine Neil Armstrong stands squarely on the side of those who dare to dream.” — from the CBS Editors Blog

Elon Musk appearing teary-eyed Over Neil Armstrong/Eugene Cernan's Reaction To SpaceX

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