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The Cutest and Yummiest Cupcakes Photography You Ever Seen

Just look at those adorable and cute little cupcakes. We didn't know cupcakes photography was a thing.

This week’s post on food photography is all about cute little bundles of sweetness, or cupcakes as the world calls them. Cupcakes are little versions of heavenly cakes that not only look amazing but are also a treat for our taste buds. This Neapolitan cupcake lights us up every time we look at it. The...
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7 Reasons To Drink Coffee Every Day

The next time someone asks you why you drink so much coffee, you won't be speechless now.

Have you been getting a lot of “coffee is bad for your health” advice lately? Well, we have good news for all the coffee lovers out there. If you are a coffee addict and cannot start your day without that magical cup of coffee, then scroll down and read why there is no reason to...
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20 Things You Didn’t Know About French Fries

Everyone loves french fries, right? But very few people are aware of these things about them.

French Fries or Fries for short, are comfort food. Fries are small slices of heavenly pleasure. Everybody loves fries. That is why it is important to know about them while you munch on them. Here are 20 things you never knew about fries. 1.  Although the French lend their name to the dish, the fries...
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8 Most Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Starbucks

If you love Starbucks then you need to know these amazing facts about it.

The world’s largest coffee retailer has been around since 1971 and has been doing extremely well in terms of earning profits and creating a global presence. It has recently been in the news for taking control of its Japanese unit since Japan is not only Starbucks second largest market in terms of sales; it also...
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10 Funny Facts About Pizza You Didn’t Know About

You'd be surprised after reading these funny facts about pizza because they seem unreal to be true.

Can you imagine life without pizza? Yeah, we can’t either. Here are some interesting and funny facts about pizza to celebrate our love for it. 1. The International Pizza Expo takes place in Las Vegas every year. The date for the next expo is March 27 – 30, 2017 source: 2. A geometry theorem...
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12 Hilarious Trolls on Trump Grill After Its Food Was Reported As ‘Terrible’

Twitter has raged a new fire in which people are trolling Trump and his restaurant in the most hilarious of ways.

Many people on Twitter have begun trolling Donald Trump for bad food being served at his restaurant, the Trump Grill. This all started off when a reporter called the food served their as terrible and the restaurant as the worst in the country, which is big statement. Reporter Tina Nguyen published her review in Vanity...
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Nestlé Announces A New Technology To Use Less Sugar in Chocolate

This one is for all those people that love chocolate but avoid it due to its sugar content. This will surely cheer you up.

BBC reported that Nestle disclosed that its researchers have found a new way of restructuring sugar. With this new method, the company will be able to make chocolates with as much as 40% reduced sugar. Eating chocolates is not the biggest source of sugar consumption by any average American but recently the number of reported...
Best Thanksgiving Appetizers Recipes View Full Post

5 Best Thanksgiving Appetizers Recipes of 2017

The most important aspect of the Thanksgiving Day is family and the second is good food. We got the second one covered for you.

Thanksgiving Day 2017 is a very special day as people get to meet some particular family members after months. This day helps everyone reconnect with family on the emotional and physical level. And to make this day special, the most important part is good food. The main dish is always the Thanksgiving Turkey. However, we...
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What School Lunches Look Like In 24 Countries

Check out these school lunches in different countries and maybe you'll start giving your children lunch instead of money.

Are you aware that on an average 32 million children in the US eat food from the cafetria? The calories that they consume in these school lunches cover almost half of their daily needed. This shows that cafeteria food is one of the major reasons for obesity in children. The school lunches are different and unique...

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