20 Fun Facts About Nick Jonas

Are you a fan of Nick Jonas? If yes then you need to read these fun facts about Nick Jonas

Fun Facts About Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas shows off his muscular body on the latest cover of “Men’s Fitness” magazine. He looks barely recognizable and girls all over the world are going gaga over his racy photos. Although we know that Jonas has a big fan following that notices everything about him (and follows all his moves!), we have compiled a list of interesting facts about him that you might not know.

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1. Jonas was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 13.

2. His favorite ice cream flavor is Cotton Candy.

3. His favorite superhero is Spiderman.

4. Jonas wears a purity ring. The purity ring is a sign of abstinence from sexual relations before marriage. His ring has “Poned” inscribed on it which means “To be let down or disappointed.”

5. Jonas likes to eat his hamburgers in a circle instead of eating it straight through.

6. He had a celebrity crush on Miley Cyrus and even dated her in 2006.

7. He has been signed by the modeling agency “Wilhelmina” last month and he believes that he may be the shortest model of the agency.

8. The best gift that he and his brothers got from a fan was an actual hippopotamus. It was because of their song, “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.” So a fan adopted a hippo from a reserve in Africa and named it “Jonas Brothers.” The brothers then received a certificate that stated the fact that they now owned it.

9. The two things that Nick Jonas would save in the case of a fire are his Bible and guitar.

10. Jonas is extremely ticklish on his feet.

11. The thing he likes most in a girl is self-confidence and hates it if a girl is afraid to eat in front of him.

12. His favorite car is an Escalade.

13. The song “Wedding Bells” was written by Nick Jonas, and it is rumored that it was based on his past relationship with Miley Cyrus.

14. His special talent is that he can do one-handed cartwheels.

15. Jonas performed on the Broadway before he was 8.

16. The first-ever song that he sang was from Peter Pan.

17. Jonas first-ever big purchase was a Gameboy Advance.

18. He is a big Johnny Cash fan.

19. His favorite movie is “Juno.”

20. Daniel Craig is his celebrity “man crush.” He is a fan of him because he loves James Bond.

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