5 Funniest Events In NFL History

BuzzFyre compiled the funniest events in NFL history for you to have a good laugh at one of most intense games in the world.

Funniest Events In NFL History

NFL is one of the most revered leagues in America; however, it is also prone to mishaps and has had its share of funny moments. BuzzFyre decided to tackle this issue and provide you with 5 touchdowns that were weird, funny or downright crazy. The games are usually fierce and competitive, but things don’t always turn out as expected.

1. “I Wanna Kiss You.” Ring a bell?

Remember the “I wanna kiss you” line? If you follow NFL regularly, then you surely remember this moment from the Dec 20, 2003 Patriots-Jets “Monday Night Football” game. Joe Namath was being interviewed by ESPN’s Suzy Kolber, when he got bored with the football-related questions and popped one question of his own.

2. This was one stubborn but fast pigeon.

Its kick-off time and the Raiders are getting excited to let off some steam and start the action. However, the NFL game of October 18, 2009 had an exciting player on the field. A pigeon with amazing speed was not interested in being shooed away and wanted to join the action – and was even ready to line up during the kick-off.

3. Who still remembers the great Snowball Game of 1995?

Ever thought of pelting snowballs on the field? The audience loves to take part in the game and one particular game turned out to be more ugly than fun. The Giants-Charger NFL game at Meadowlands in December 1995 is considered as the “Snowball Game.” Fans from the stands pelted Charger players and personnel with snow and ice. The game turned out to be a nightmare as no one was able to control or calm the fans down.

4. Frustration at its peak. No fan should ever face this.

You are watching an intense football game, gripping your sofa for the last minute action. Anything could happen, the loosing team could scramble a win, it could be a tie, or maybe nothing would happen. Nevertheless, last minutes of any game are crucial and not to be missed. What if your network never let you watch the finish of the game and cut away to a scheduled program that was to air on exact time? What would you do? Be frustrated? Scream or break your TV set?

Well, the smart folks over at NBC put their viewers in that very position and then cut the end minutes of a Jets vs Raiders game to air the film, Heidi. Before the cut, the Jets were leading 32-29. After the cut, the Raiders actually mounted a comeback and won 43-32. See for yourself how frustrated you would have been had you been in that position.

5. Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature.

Nature has a way of crashing parties. That is exactly what happened during the Eagles vs Bear 1988 playoffs at Soldier Field. With two minutes left in the first half of the game, a massive fog comes down uninvited and blankets the field completely. Visibility shot down to nearly zero and the players complained that it was like they were playing blind. The fog remained for the rest of the day and seemed determined to ruin the game. You can see how bad it was here.


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