10 Of The World Most Funny and Weird Phobias

You may have heard of weird phobias before but these ones are out of this world.

Weird Phobias

Every person on earth has a unique personality and a different set of fears, quirks, tastes, and opinions. Speaking of fears, here are some of the strangest weird phobias in the world.

1. Phobophobia

source: pixelaco

This is the fear of phobias itself. The person with this phobia is scared to have a phobia. It is linked to an anxiety disorder and panic attacks. External stimuli are not responsible for creating fear in a person with this phobia, but internal feelings do.


portrait of a young scandinavian blonde
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This is the fear of beautiful women. Rather than praising beauty, people suffering from this phobia are afraid of it. It is caused by an appearance-related inferiority complex and low self-esteem.

3. Eisoptrophobia

Source: picssr

This phobia is about being scared of one’s own reflection, hence the people suffering from this phobia cannot look at a mirror or anything that projects a reflection. They are scared that they have an anomaly, or that there is someone waiting behind them.

4. Pedophobia

Source: nationalreview

This is the fear of children and infants. It is treatable by psychiatrists.


Source: theultimateladsclub

This is the fear of the color purple and consequently fearing everything with the color. The color elicits certain hormonal and psychological responses, which are uncontrollable for people with this phobia.

6. Didaskaleinophobia

source: schoolphobia.net

This is the fear of going to school. Sure, every kid hates going to school but some kids really, really hate it; to the point that they start fearing it. This phobia is normally caused by the fear of leaving the house and family, and encountering peer pressure, bullying, and pressure of studies at school.

7. Pteronophobia

Source: wikia.com

While being tickled produces laughter some people are actually scared of it. Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers.

8. Cathisophobia

Source: bigshocking

This is the fear of sitting. It is more common in the elderly as sitting may cause joint pain, but it is also found in youngsters who are scared of sitting in classrooms for long periods of time.

9. Chorophobia

Source: sarwono

This is the fear of dancing. A person suffering from this phobia may also be scared of events and places that are associated with dancing. For example ballrooms, parties, and prom nights.

10. Heliophobia

Source: michelleepauline

This is the fear of sunlight. This kind of fear may result directly from the fear of sunburn, or even skin cancer from dangerous UV rays.

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