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15 Sarcastic Quotes That Will Keep You Second Guessing

Sarcasm is a talent acquired by certain smart people; these sarcastic quotes will keep you wondering and amused at the same time.

We are firm believers that the best people are considered so because of their sarcasm and wit. A great person once said, “Sarcasm is the talent of belittling a person in a way that he considers it nice, and gets the real meaning only when he reaches home.” Just kidding, we made that up. But...
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15 Funniest Reactions to Trump Touching The Orb During His Saudi Visit

Close encounters of the Trump kind; the Donald touches the Orb and the world reacts!

President Donald Trump is used to the spotlight and he happily gives us things to be cheery about with all the chaos in the world. The Trumpster was in Saudi Arabia recently and got a taste of Arab hospitality and even put his hands on a glowing orb at the opening of Riyadh’s Global Center...
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10 Funny Fitness Memes: Laugh off Those Carbs!

Lazy to burn those carbs? These funny fitness memes may just get your fists pumping!

If looking good and having a toned body isn’t motivational enough for you to hit the gym, then you need some serious motivators to get those calories burning. Here is a collection of motivational memes that might make you change your mind: Look at the way Ryan Gosling is pleading. You can’t say “no” to...
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Kendall Jenner and Pepsi: A Match Made in Memes

Kendall Jenner made a Pepsi ad and the internet went crazy. As with most such advertisements, social media goes wild and every netizen gets an...

Kendall Jenner made a Pepsi ad and the internet went crazy. As with most such advertisements, social media goes wild and every netizen gets an excuse to voice an opinion. So what’s the hype all about? See the controversial advertisement below for yourself and you’ll know why. We at Buzzfyre have curated 15 memes from...
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15 Funny WiFi Names of 2017 That Will Surely Make You Laugh

These funny WiFi names can give you great ideas to choose a special one for your WiFi.

One crime we are all guilty of is stealing or trying to steal Wi-Fi connections from our not-so-tech-savvy neighbors. Every once in a while we try to guess the passwords of some connections. However, there are some users who go the extra mile to bug you by assigning funny and strange names to their Wi-Fi...
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9 Cool Anti-Valentine Day Gifts To Steal the Spirit of Valentine’s Day

For all the single people out there, these are the best anti-valentine day gifts ideas for you this year.

Valentine Day is around the corner like every year and similarly, there are many amongst us that are not waiting for its arrival. There are many people that wish the Grinch would come and steal the spirit of Valentine’s Day too. For all those people that don’t want to celebrate this day, BuzzFyre brings the...
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15 Weird Laws In The US That Will Make You Scratch Your Head All Day

There are many laws that need to be followed no matter where you are but these weird laws in the US are just too hilarious.

America is the undisputed superpower of the world in terms of technology, firepower and the economy, but we are also the leader when it comes to having weird laws. Check out some of these strange state laws: 1. It is illegal for a man to buy drinks for more than three people at one time...
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10 Cat Snapchats That Are Too Funny To Ignore

These photogenic cats on Snapchat are too cute to ignore.

Snapchat has no longer a viral phenomenon in the human world; it is also gaining popularity in the world of cats. We present ten of the funniest snaps that cats have sent to their fans and fellow cat friends around the world. 1. Hello, world! I was just checking the camera settings and I accidently...

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