Game of Thrones Vs The Walking Dead – Who Wins?

Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead - Should it be dancing with the dragons or sleeping with zombies? Let's find out.

Everyone knows about Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead like the law of gravity, even if they don’t see it, they still know it exists. Even the non-followers of the two series are aware of what goes on in each show. The extensive but similar popularity of the shows have made them rivals and they almost have 20 million viewers craving for their sixth season.

Even though the storyline of the two shows is different but their ambiance is quite relative to each other. Both shows circulate around darkness, have supernatural elements, brutally killing with some gore has kept viewers on the edge of their seat and wanting more. The real question is, which one of the two is better?


Firstly, talking about the Game of Thrones, its fans believe that it is unchallenged winner of this battle or any other as the series has the most Emmy nominations ever. This shows how well the cinematographers were able to bring the complex George R.R. martin novels to real life and that too on a TV canvas.


Next up, if we talk about the cast involved in each show than The Walking Dead is nowhere near Game of Thrones. The action sequences of the shows are stunningly executed and for instance, the Blackwater battle shown in the series is nothing that The Walking Dead can ever reach.

Don’t end up with your judgment just yet as we still have to mention the overall ratings. In terms of ratings, The Walking Dead is by far the highest rated show even though Game of Thrones is just behind it. Thus, even in a perspective, a winner is a winner after all.


The Walking Dead series sets out in a post-nuclear war that can never be depicted before. They turned the normal and simple zombie stuff into a high level of drama. However, the overall sequence of the show is straightforward that you would need to memorize a big number of characters or anything else. Including a list of fantasy characters is always better, right? That is why the Walking Dead has more gripping and nerve-wrecking story.

Thus, in the conclusion, it is not possible to judge which show is better. Each one has its own pros and cons and that is why the winner depends on entirely upon the viewers’ preference. However, one thing is true that each series is giving high-end drama to their diversified and massive audiences that are always craving for more and more.



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