Google Fiber: What Is It and How You Can Get It

Google Fiber is one of Google's top products that allow a tremendous speed of Internet, surfing and downloading.

google fiber

Google has come yet again with another milestone in its history that is Google fiber. The Internet is a necessity of the tech savvy generation but what we usually experience is slow dragging the internet for which we pay a handsome amount of cash. Now, the wait is finally over with the future of the internet industry namely Google Fiber that is one of its kind. The internet speed through this medium would be approximately 1 gigabit that sums up to almost 100 times faster than any internet to date.

how to get google fiber

How many times have you felt the need to strangle your internet provider just because you started to watch a movie and you experienced many hitches? All the time you wanted to watch a video but nothing more than mere despair. Then Google Fiber is something that you have been waiting for.

According to Google Fiber the internet is capable of streaming five videos at a time in high definition without any waiting to buff. Moreover, in terms of movies, the content would be streamed within seconds.

Let’s talk about the money now. Suppose you are content with your current internet and you really don’t want to invest in 1 gigabit. Even then there is something that would attract you when it comes to Google Fiber. The cost is fairly cheap. Once you plan to invest $300 in installing Google Fiber then you would enjoy a service almost free for seven years of your regular 5mbps internet. This internet is great news for communities having low incomes as it would assist in bridging the gap between the elite and lower class experiencing a digital divide.

“The gigabit is the future,” Kevin Lo, who is the Google Fiber general manager, said in while making public about the service in Austin “At Google, we have always invested in the future of the Internet. When more people are connected, it makes our communities stronger.”

The company also realizes its importance socially hence has partnered with the Kansas university in order to come about with such devices and techniques that utilize the gigabit technology in order to revolutionize healthcare.

This is the beginning of a new era when individuals would have the ability to use the internet as a source of further develop. This opens new paradigms for engineers and other researchers to come up with something extraordinary.

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