Google Play Music All Access vs. Spotify – Which is The Better Option?

The battle goes on between Google Play Music All Access vs. Spotify but the real question is who is the winner? Let's find out.

Google Play Music VS Spotify

In this advanced world, every 8 out of 10 people have smartphones which have given them the convenience to access internet, emails, calls, calendar, music and what not. Music has gained immense popularity in the smartphone because of the ease of use, access, and mobility. In these days, Spotify was the leading the streaming online audios and music services so far. But now, Google has come out with a promising music service of its own named as Google Play Music All Access. To find out which one is leading and is the better option so far for users, these factors will provide the further details.

Music Library

There can no one be one be ahead when it comes to music library as Spotify as well as Google Play Music All Access provides a wide range of music library with every singer, band, artist and genres present in it. There is no doubt that size matters as the bigger and more robust the selection of tunes, the better chances to attract customers. Both of the online music streaming services has about more than 20 million tracks along with major music labels such as Sony, Universal, and Warner.


In terms of pricing, Spotify is the clear winner ahead of Google Play Music All Access. Google Play Music All Access is available for users in $10 per month whereas Spotify’s Premium tier also runs $10 per month, but it’s not the only option available. If you are only looking to listen to music online and not looking to download for offline listening, then the price changes to $5 per month.

Google Play Music All Access vs Spotify

Platform and Device Support

Spotify was launched in 2010 and it is now available on almost every platform one can think of. Only the in-browser listening feature is added recently for the users. Spotify works on Android (including Kindle devices), iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry (select devices), Symbian (also on select Nokia phones), PC, and Mac. However, the Google Play Music All Access is available on Android only so far, and they are looking forward to launching the application for Apple as well. So, Spotify is the clear winner here as well.


According to all the factors discussed above it shows that Google Play Music All Access, as of today, is leading and well ahead of Spotify in terms of pricing, platform and device support, and interface. No doubt that Spotify is a promising service and might take over it in the near future, but Google Play Music All Access is clearly the winner here solidifying its position for a longer period of time.

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