Artist Han Seok-bum Presents The Pokemon and Overwatch Crossover

For all the Pokemon and Overwatch fanatics out there, this one is for you.

Pokemon is a great series altogether similarly Overwatch has its own universe of fans but how would crossover between the two sounds? Sounds crazy but it gets to think what kinda combinations are possible. You don’t have to scratch your heads for that as artist Han Seok-bum has come up with awesome crossovers that are pretty inspiring.

Not everyone may agree with his angle but most of them are too awesome. He kept the spirit of both franchises alight but this does not mean that Nintendo and Blizzard may come up with something like this for real. Nonetheless, lets’ not make this any longer and get on with the revelations below.

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Pikachu + Tracer

Firstly, we have Pikachu with Tracer, which is a perfect match as you can see below. pokemon-into-overwatch-characters_exeggcute

Arbok + Widowmaker

Widowmaker and Arbok make a stylish combo.


Tauros + McCree

Damn that hat, Tauros with McCree got some style, Howdy!


Mr. Mime + Symmetra

Aaaaaaa.. This one is out of our minds.


Scyther + Genji

This may be the coolest combination yet, here we have Scyther with Genji.


Blastoise + Soldier 76

Soldier 76 and Blastoise, that’s one steamy Soldier.


Horsea + Mei

Horsea and Mei, two adorable’s together make something much much cuter.


Ninetails + Mercy

Ninetails with Mercy gives a graceful look.


Noctowl + Ana

Noctowl is the only second generation Pokemon in the list and its combination with Ana is something to double check.


Bellsprout + Zenyatta

This one can be all dopers next symbol after 420. Here we have Bellsprout with Zenyatta.


Kingler + Torbjorn

Kingler with Torbjörn add up pretty nicely.



Image credit: Han Seok-bum
Source: Polygon

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