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10 Natural Remedies to Cure Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer can be cured with the use of natural ingredients without lesser side effects.

American people are working on multiple natural remedies for the cure of different types of cancer.  Prostate cancer affects man. Prostate cancer can be treated medications, radiation and surgery with maximum side effects. Some alternate treatments for the management and treatment of prostate cancer such as; Use of dietary supplements to slow the progression of...
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How to Cure Major Depression and Anxiety

Cognitive behavioral therapy and electroconvulsive therapy are the best options for the cure of major depression

With the changes in the lifestyle, the majority of the population is suffering from multiple diseases such as major depression and anxiety. There are multiple factors which are causing major depression. These are changes in hormone levels, multiple medical conditions, major anxiety, and stressful lifestyle.  Major depression is difficult to treat at home because it...
Cure Diabetes View Full Post

15 Natural Remedies to Cure Diabetes Permanently

Natural remedies are best ways for the cure of multiple types of diabetes permanently.

Diabetes is increasing day by day. Diabetes can be cured by multiple factors such as balanced diet plan, lifestyle changes along with exercise and other physical activities. Medications also control diabetes. People with diabetes can spend normal life with minor changes in their lifestyle. Measures; Exercise regularly to maintain your weight and insulin sensitivity. Try to...
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How to Prevent Zika Virus Birth Defects

In 2015, Zika virus has caused neurological birth defects such as microcephaly in newly born babies. A large number of pregnant women suffered from the...

In 2015, Zika virus has caused neurological birth defects such as microcephaly in newly born babies. A large number of pregnant women suffered from the Zika virus. Majority of cases observed in Brazil and babies born with microcephaly. According to CDC, 30 US states are also affected by Zika virus. The United States has taken steps...
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11 Natural and Clinical Ways to Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be managed by lifestyle modifications and strict drug management.

High blood pressure represents a cardiovascular disease in which pressure of the blood spiked above the normal values of 140/90.  Management of the high blood pressure is necessary to avoid any circulatory disease such as heart attack, stroke, kidney malfunction, and cardiac tissue or muscle damage, etc.  Blood pressure is a silent disease as the...
world heart day View Full Post

World Heart Day 2017: Here’s How To Have A Healthy Heart

On this world heart day of 2017, BuzzFyre tells you how to have a healthy heart.

If you didn’t already know, World Heart Day is celebrated on a global level on September 29 every year. The celebration does not, however, entail you to go all out and have a high cholesterol meal. Keeping the theme of World Heart Day in view, we bring you some tips on how to keep your...
Weird Phobias View Full Post

10 Of The World Most Funny and Weird Phobias

You may have heard of weird phobias before but these ones are out of this world.

Every person on earth has a unique personality and a different set of fears, quirks, tastes, and opinions. Speaking of fears, here are some of the strangest weird phobias in the world. 1. Phobophobia source: pixelaco This is the fear of phobias itself. The person with this phobia is scared to have a phobia. It is...
deadliest diseases in the world View Full Post

Top 5 Deadliest Diseases In The World

There are many existing and new diseases being discovered each day but these are the deadliest diseases in the world.

It might be hard to believe or imagine, but there was a time when the disease, which is considered common today, were life-threatening. Thanks to technology and nature’s own self-correcting mechanism, humanity survived those tough times and dark ages. With the motive to revisit history, BuzzFyre has taken the liberty to compile a list of...
marijuana effects View Full Post

18 Marijuana Effects On Your Brain & Body

Many people know about marijuana but very few are aware of its effects. We listed the most common marijuana effects on your body and brain.

Marijuana has been one of the very few controversial topics that have been around for centuries. Many people are in favor of legalizing it globally whereas others are in favor of banning it completely due to marijuana effects. What so ever the causes may be, there are immediate effects of smoking marijuana on the brain,...
Nestle Chocolate View Full Post

Nestlé Announces A New Technology To Use Less Sugar in Chocolate

This one is for all those people that love chocolate but avoid it due to its sugar content. This will surely cheer you up.

BBC reported that Nestle disclosed that its researchers have found a new way of restructuring sugar. With this new method, the company will be able to make chocolates with as much as 40% reduced sugar. Eating chocolates is not the biggest source of sugar consumption by any average American but recently the number of reported...

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