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How To Enable WhatsApp Two-Step Verification (2SV)

WhatsApp enrolled the new two-step verification process and BuzzFyre has the detailed steps on how to activate it on iOS and Android.

Whatsapp comes with two-step verification that is an optional feature but it adds more security to your account. With this feature, whenever you attempt to verify your phone number on WhatsApp, you will need to enter the six-digit passcode that you created. BuzzFyre will help you set up the two-step verification process. How to Enable...
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How to Saves & Download Your Vine Videos Before They Are Washed Away

If you ever were a fan of Vine videos and made a few Vines and really liked them then you need to download them before...

Almost a year ago, Twitter disclosed that it is shutting down its Vine service, and January 17, 2017, marks the last day that users will be able to download all their Vines that they have created. The app will continue to work as an independent Camera app but for the Vines already created, you need...
transfer iPhone data to Android View Full Post

How To Switch And Transfer Data From iPhone To Android

BuzzFyre made a step-by-step guide to help you transfer your data from an iPhone to an Android.

Credit: Android Central If you’re an iOS fanatic then you have only a limited selection of smartphones to choose from: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, or the latest models, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. On the Android side, it’s a very different story, as there are tons of smartphones from companies including LG,...
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How To Enable Amazon Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you are a regular customer that buys through Amazon then you need to read this post.

The Holiday season is here and everyone needs to buy something but the real problem is, will their transaction be protected? Today we’ll look at how to enable the two-factor authentication on Amazon to protect your financial information, shopping preferences, and purchases. Amazon supports 2FA via both text messages and an authenticator app. Authenticator apps are...
AirPods View Full Post

How To Pair AirPods With Apple TV, PC, Android, Macs, And Much More

Apple rolled out its AirPods recently people still believe that they can only be paired with Apple devices, which is not the case.

Apple finally released its AirPods and customer reviews are flooding in. One of the earliest misconception among people was that like other Apple products, the AirPods will also pair with just Apple devices and not with other non-Apple devices. However, this misconception was lifted when they actually came out and people tested it with other...
McRib Locator View Full Post

How To Install or Uninstall McDonald’s McRib Locator App

McDonald's McRib has gained a lot of popularity recently and here we have a guide on how to install and uninstall the app.

McDonald’s recently introduced a new strategy through which each user can locate which outlet is giving the McRib on a particular day or time. It is available online and on an iOS & Android app, called McRib Locator App. Download on: Google Play Store | Apple iTunes Store The whole idea behind this strategy is that it is...
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Want To Make Money Online? Here’s How To Do It

Do you have free time or just too busy at home that can't work? Now you can work from the ease of your home and...

Making money through online forums was never this easy. Today many individuals are earning their livelihood by focusing on online sources. Since the internet is a very broad canvas hence there are numerous opportunities available that can make the process faster and convenient. Make Money From Domain Names One can invest in domain names. Buying...
Netflix app View Full Post

How To Download Netflix For Offline Viewing Of Shows, Movies

Netflix recently rolled out its offline mode that allows viewers to download shows and movies to watch later without the Internet.

The most known online-streaming service provider Netflix announced a new feature for its online platform that would make a lot of people happy. Users can now watch Netflix offline or in simple words download any movie, season or show and watch if without an Internet connection. This is the first time that Netflix has offered...
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Pokemon Go Graphics Loading Issue: Here’s How To Fix It

Many players have been reporting that they are facing graphic issues in Pokemon Go. Here’s what you can do about it.

There are many reports by Pokemon Go players across the globe that they are experiencing a bug in which the game graphics do not load properly after updating their apps. These complaints began on Monday on Pokemon Go subreddits where dozens of players said that whenever they are opening the app, the game doesn’t display...

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