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The Money Snap: Million Dollar Selfies!

Ever thought selfies would be worth a million bucks; check out these million dollar selfies and judge for yourself.

Bored of photographing others? How about you rotate that camera and photograph your own self? Perfect. You have now taken a “selfie.” This terminology, created in early 2001, recently found a place in the Oxford Dictionary and was named as 2013′s word of the year. However, the term is not just limited to capturing an...
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15 Tall Annoyances Faced by Tall Girls

Being short can be a blessing as you can certainly avoid these annoyances that tall girls have to deal with.

The problems faced by long-legged beauties are very different from the rest of the problems faced by the female species. If you are a short or medium sized girl, then just thank God, because you will never face any of the following issues. If you are a tall girl, give yourself a hug from us, because...
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5 Strange Customs Around the World Still Practiced Today

Check out some of the most strange customs around the world that are absolutely shocking.

Every society, tribe or religion is said to have customs. However, some traditions are so strange and obnoxious that they make you question the ideology behind them. Here are five such examples: Cannibalism Image: houseofvines You may have come across stories about human-meat eaters, but this is a custom followed strictly in Varanasi, India by...
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10 Countries That Grow The World’s Best Weed Strains

Here are the top 10 countries that have the best weed strains in the world.

Cannabis is becoming more mainstream day-by-day, and with the increased demand, many entrepreneurs and companies are fighting each other to introduce the best of the best. Due to this, there is a lot of new ganja coming out but the real question is the where the best weed strains are? Buzzfyre can help you with...
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9 Common Myths Debunked And You’d Be Surprised

There are many small myths that people believe and thus avoid certain things. They aren't true, see for yourself

There are many things and myths that people have been believing for a few decades, like for instance cracking your knuckles may lead to arthritis among many others. Here is the factual proof of each myth and how it’s not what you think it is. 1. Do not crack or pop your knuckles; it might...
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World Heart Day 2017: Here’s How To Have A Healthy Heart

On this world heart day of 2017, BuzzFyre tells you how to have a healthy heart.

If you didn’t already know, World Heart Day is celebrated on a global level on September 29 every year. The celebration does not, however, entail you to go all out and have a high cholesterol meal. Keeping the theme of World Heart Day in view, we bring you some tips on how to keep your...
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5 Effects Of The Ugly Duckling Syndrome

Everyone remembers the story but it turned out to be a popular syndrome, the ugly duckling syndrome.

Who knew that a childhood tale would become one of the most popular syndromes that the human population suffers from. Yes, the “ugly duckling syndrome” exists for real. According to Urban dictionary, “beautiful people who didn’t get pretty until high school or later, and were nice because they were ugly” are believed to suffer from this...
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Michelle Turns 53, Lets Share Our Love Through The Beautiful Barack And Michelle Obama Love Story

This is our way of saying Thank You and Happy Birthday to Michelle Obama for all her memorable years.

For all those who are not aware of this but today is Michelle Obama’s 53rd birthday. She has been a prominent and incredible First Lady of the USA and the mere thought of her leaving in just 2 days is unsettling. To appreciate and celebrate Ms. Obama’s birthday, ByzzFyre decided to collect and compile some...
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10 Crazy Things That Only Happen In Dubai

If you think you know how crazy rich people get then you have not seen them in Dubai yet.

Dubai, you are truly full of surprises. Here is a list of 10 crazy things that one can find in Dubai. 1. All that glitters is a gold facial. 2. Solid gold cars that shine under the sun and distract other drivers. godubaiabudhabi 3. White gold cars for drivers who prefer monochrome. emirates247 4. An...

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