9 Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds For Lazy People

Are you lazy but still want to keep a dog? Here are 9 low-maintenance dog breeds.

You buy a pet dog because you need a companion and a friend to play with and sometime to love you unconditionally when you are feeling down and out. Who said people buy dogs because they want to look after the dog’s needs. No way! This goes especially true for sloth-type-humans who wish for a pet that washes itself up, goes for walks on its own, potty trains itself and doesn’t ruin the house, pours dog food into and bowl and eats all its meals on time, all by itself. Sadly, that kind of a pet dog is not available yet. But don’t be upset. We have gathered a list of some dog breeds that require low maintenance so you can have a loving companion while being your lazy self.

1. Dog Breed — Beagle


This breed has a short coat and thus doesn’t require much grooming and combing. Also, you can risk keeping it inside your house since if doesn’t shed a lot of hair. Plus, they are good family dogs and friendly, so you won’t have temperament issues.

2. Dog Breed — Bulldog


Like us, these dogs too are not very fond of exercise. Also, little grooming is required owing to their short fur. But yes, do not slack on the wrinkle cleaning on its face. even cleaning its face is a sometime thing and not a frequent chore.  These dogs are loyal and friendly with kids.

3. Dog Breed — Pug


This is a fairly small dog and does not require a lot of exercise and training. It can actually get exhausted by serious exercises. So might as well refrain from that.  Another benefit is that it is okay with having a small space to move around. On the con side, it sheds fur all-round the year.

4. Dog Breed — Chihuahua


Well, the biggest reason is that they are the tiniest breed of dogs in the world. So they need a small space to live. Also, a small body automatically translates to less grooming and cleaning. They also have very low exercise needs. One problem that the breed has is not being able to be a family dog since it stays loyal and close to only one person.

5. Dog Breed — Bolognese


It is a very cute dog and is tiny so needs little space. Training and exercise requirements are also very low for this pooch. Furthermore, the dog is very smart so getting it trained is easy. Grooming is required a bit because its fur tends to get tangled. This breed is very child-friendly and that is an add-on feature.

6. Dog Breed — Greyhound


Even though the dog comes is placed in big dog category, it does not require a lot of space to live. Also, it is easy to train it as it is very obedient and gets along well with children. Although greyhounds like running, they do not particularly require exercise regimes. Walking after few days will keep them happy too. They have short fur and no under coat so not too much grooming is required.

7. Dog Breed — Dachshund


A Small dog that can live in small spaces. It does not require a lot of grooming; just regular baths and brushing. It also does not need extensive training and exercise and loves playing with people. Although as it gets old, it needs more visits to the vet due to back problems, but otherwise is very low maintenance.

8. Dog Breed — Boston Terrier


This dogs is small and thus requires less space. Also, it is people friendly and thus is easy to train. It has short fur so grooming and cleaning are fairly easy. Another advantage of this dog is that it is quiet and can be kept indoors.

9. Dog Breed — Japanese Chin


The Japanese Chin requires regular brushing so that its coat doesn’t get matted, but is generally a clean dog which does not smell. It is also a smart and well-mannered breed and gets along with people well, hence training it is easy. It also requires very less exercise, only short walks will do. And since it is small in size, it does not require a lot of space as well.

Image Source: Vetstreet

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