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  • American people are working on multiple natural remedies for the cure of different types of cancer. ¬†Prostate cancer affects man. Prostate cancer can be treated medications, radiation and surgery with maximum […]

  • With the changes in the lifestyle, the majority of the population is suffering from multiple diseases such as major depression and anxiety. There are multiple factors which are causing major depression. These are […]

  • Diabetes is increasing day by day. Diabetes can be cured by multiple factors such as balanced diet plan, lifestyle changes along with exercise and other physical activities. Medications also control diabetes. […]

  • In 2015, Zika virus has caused neurological birth defects such as microcephaly in newly born babies. A large number of pregnant women suffered from the Zika virus. Majority of cases observed in Brazil and babies […]

  • High blood pressure represents a cardiovascular disease in which pressure of the blood spiked above the normal values of 140/90.¬† Management of the high blood pressure is necessary to avoid any circulatory […]