funny fitness memes View Full Post

10 Funny Fitness Memes: Laugh off Those Carbs!

Lazy to burn those carbs? These funny fitness memes may just get your fists pumping!

If looking good and having a toned body isn’t motivational enough for you to hit the gym, then you need some serious motivators to get those calories burning. Here is a collection of motivational memes that might make you change your mind: Look at the way Ryan Gosling is pleading. You can’t say “no” to...
kendall jenner pepsi ad memes View Full Post

Kendall Jenner and Pepsi: A Match Made in Memes

Kendall Jenner made a Pepsi ad and the internet went crazy. As with most such advertisements, social media goes wild and every netizen gets an...

Kendall Jenner made a Pepsi ad and the internet went crazy. As with most such advertisements, social media goes wild and every netizen gets an excuse to voice an opinion. So what’s the hype all about? See the controversial advertisement below for yourself and you’ll know why. We at Buzzfyre have curated 15 memes from...
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15 Tiny Trump Memes That You Need To See Today

Tiny Trump memes is a new trend that Donald Trump is surely going to hate.

Tiny Trumps is basically a photoshop frenzy where the US President Donald Trump has been shrunk in size and the following tiny trump memes are just too hilarious. We are pretty sure the President is not going to like the tiny trump memes nor the “#TinyTrumps” subreddit that has gained huge traction recently. Check out...
Pineapple On Pizza Memes View Full Post

The Top 10 “Pineapple Goes On Pizza” Memes

Does Pineapple go on Pizza? That is the question that needs to be answered.

The Pineapple on Pizza Debate has been going on since last year, which circulates around the merits of Hawaiian pizza that is topped with pieces of pineapple. This particular pizza has become a subject of internet debate and people have shown their love/hatred through memes. We collected the best pineapple on pizza memes for your convenience....
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14 Most Hilarious Obama-Biden Memes On The Internet

Obama-Biden memes are taking over the Internet by storm. These are some of the best and funniest memes available.

The Joe Biden and Barack Obama memes are taking the Internet by storm. The hilarious conversations made up by people are out of this world. Especially the plots that the Joe is plotting against Donald Trump when he is coming over to the White House for the first time as President and the reaction of...

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