5 Most Dangerous Airports In The World

These are the most dangerous airports in the world and why.

Dangerous Airports In The World

You must have heard about the safest airports in the world and the world’s most beautiful or busiest airports, but we present to you a list of five of the most dangerous airports in the world. Yes, there are actually airports in the world that will give you the thrills and the chills, along with a sense of adventure you never experienced.

5. Dangerous Airports In The World: Barra International Airport

Barra International Airport
Image: Interestingengineering

Do you know that a beach could serve a dual purpose? Well, “The Barra Airport” doubles as an airport and a beach after airport off-hours. Beach goers can take a leisurely stroll over the same sand that serves as a landing and take-off strip for the airplanes. The Barra International airport is located on Barra Island in Outer Hebrides in Scotland. Beware of the high tide though, the airport has the tendency to be submerged under the sea.

4. Dangerous Airports In The World: Tenzing Hillary Airport

Tenzing Hillary Airport
Image: Pinterest

Also known as Lukla Airport, and named after Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, this airport is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. The landing strip on this airport is only 460 meters and is capable of accommodating small planes and helicopters only. This airport is located on the base camp of Mount Everest. It offers a view of mountains unlike any other airport in the world.

3. Dangerous Airports In The World: Gustaf III Airport

Gustaf III Airport
Image: iclothavionics

Gustaf III Airport, also known as Saint Barthelemy Airport, is located in the French administered Caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy. The airport has a small runway and is suitable for aircraft that carry less than 20 people. The landing and takeoff strip utilizes a hill slope as a speed breaker.

2. Dangerous Airports In The World: Ice Runway

Ice Runway
Image: Wikipedia

The Ice Runway is owned by the United States Antarctic Program and is the principal strip in Antarctica. The runway has a strip of cement that is stable and the pilots who use it claim that trouble occurs when the plane is about to stop as the wheels break the ice crust and submerge the plane with ice, though by a small amount. The danger here includes the threatening weather conditions that the pilots have to deal with.

1. Dangerous Airports In The World: Gibraltar International Airport

Gibraltar International Airport
Image: bestnweb

The Gibraltar International Airport ranks on number one because it has a runway that has a main road with heavy traffic intersecting it. The traffic on the road has to be stopped when a plane is about to take off or land.

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