5 Most Expensive Cities in the World

BuzzFyre presents the 5 most expensive cities in the world in 2017 and to help you compare we have given the price an everyday item.

most Expensive Cities

If you are among the lucky few who need not bother to look at price tags, then you need to take out some time and visit these cities as they rank among the most expensive cities in the world.

BuzzFyre has compiled a list of 5 most expensive cities in the world, in terms of cost of living, just for the pleasure of people who can afford to take this luxurious trip.

N’Djamena, Chad


The spot for the second most expensive is reserved for N’Djamena, Chad. It sounds expensive to even pronounce the name. We believe they might charge you for asking them the correct pronunciation so beware. Stroll around the city and grab a bite to eat for lunch, but make sure to check the price first as a club sandwich and soda will cost you $26.



Occupying the number 4 slot is Singapore. Yes, living in the Country and the city will only cost you $3,709.26 per month for a 2 bedroom apartment. A loaf of bread and a cup of coffee will cost you $3.36 and $5.05 respectively. The city is home to some of the biggest brands on earth, and that presents a glorious opportunity to go on a luxurious shopping spree.

Zurich, Switzerland


We have the Swiss capital, Zurich, on number 5. The city is home to major banks and half of the residents either work in an investment firm or a bank. If you really want to try a hamburger there, then it will cost you a mere $15. A loaf of white bread will cost you $6.19 and the monthly rent of a 2 bedroom apartment will only set you back $4,131.95.

Luanda, Angola


Luanda, the capital of Angola, bags the number one spot for being this year’s most expensive city in the world. Nearly everything is imported in the city. A two bedroom apartment will force you to shell out $6,600 per month in rent. Spending a night in a five-star hotel will only lighten your wallet by $500, and if you throw in a meal for two at a nice restaurant, it will cost anywhere from $200 and more.

Hong Kong


The third spot is bagged by Hong Kong. This glittery and glamorous city will burn a hole through your wallet by charging you $6,960.04 per month rent for a 2 bedroom apartment. It is a densely populated city and every real estate inch is counted for. With real estate prices going as high as the sky itself, you can enjoy a cup of coffee at $6.64 while you get a gallon of gas for about $8.

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