10 Most Expensive Useless Things that Will Stun You

These seven most expensive useless things have clearly little to no practical value but thanks to some bling-bling, you may have to pay an arm and a leg for them; why would you anyway?

useless things

Here is a list of 10 extremely expensive, borderline pointless things that you can live without. Read the complete list to realize why the buzzfyre is slowly losing trust in mankind.

A cupcake – $1,000


Source: topnews

Eat the “The Golden Phoenix” to make your stomach and intestines feel like royalty. This cupcake was unveiled at the opening of Bloomsbury at the Dubai Mall and is made of edible gold and chocolate. Not only that but is also garnished with gold flakes and served in a gold utensil.

Diamond encrusted tea bag – $14,000


Source: ealuxe.com

When normal tea bags are just too “normal”, diamond encrusted teabags save the day. This special tea bag was made to mark Brooke Bond’s PG Tips’ 75th anniversary. It is covered in 280 diamonds but can still be used for normal brewing (of course) as it contains tea leaves inside.

Gold LEGO block – $14,450


Source: izismile.com

A LEGO block is fun to play with and if it’s made of gold, then it’s cool to look at as well. This LEGO block is the same shape and size as the non-gold version of a 2 x 4 LEGO, but its differentiating factor is that it’s made from 25.65 grams of 14 karat gold.

Diamond Contact Lenses – $15,000


Source: ealuxe

The makers of these lenses took romantic lines such as “Her eyes are bright as stars”, a little too seriously. These lenses are gold-plated and have 18 diamonds in them. They might hurt your eyes, but at least they’re sparkly!

Cricket ball – $68,500


Source: sillymillions

This cricket ball looks like a miniature disco ball thanks to the 5,728 pieces of diamonds it is encrusted with. The ball, made by Gitanjali Gems Limited, was presented as an award to the best cricketers of the tournament at the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

Chess game – $600,000


Source: oddee

This game of chess is not about black pawns against the white pawns, but actually about black diamonds against the white diamonds. The chess set, made of 320 carats of black and white diamonds, is part of the Charles Hollander Collection and only seven of such sets have ever been made.

Gold toilet paper roll – $1,376,900


Source: uscitytraveler

Australia-based Toilet Paper Man believes that a touch of luxury is necessary at all times – even when it comes to answering the call of nature. Hence the company produced a 3 ply roll of toilet paper made from 22-carat gold flakes. The roll, if bought, will be hand delivered and is perfectly safe to use.

The magnetic floating bed – $1.6 million


Source: tumblr

When you sleep on this, you feel like you’re sleeping on air. Literally. That is because this bed levitates in midair 1.3 feet off the floor. It can hold 2,000 pounds of weight and by all means is very cool, except perhaps the price-tag.

Dog collar – $3.2 million


Source: therichest

When one can gift one’s fiancée a diamond ring, then surely one can gift one’s best friend diamonds too. They say a dog is a man’s best friend and I Love Dogs Diamonds has the perfect present for your canine companion. “Amour Amour Dog Collar” is made of crocodile leather, platinum, and 18-carat white gold.

Painting No. 5, 1948 – $140 million


Source: zanda

Even if you spend a week looking at it, it shall still remain to look like a mess created by an angry toddler. This painting was created by Jackson Pollock, a painter known for his part in the abstract expressionist movement. It was bought in 2006 by David Martinez for the stated figure and has previously exchanged many hands.

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