Nestlé Announces A New Technology To Use Less Sugar in Chocolate

This one is for all those people that love chocolate but avoid it due to its sugar content. This will surely cheer you up.

Nestle Chocolate

BBC reported that Nestle disclosed that its researchers have found a new way of restructuring sugar. With this new method, the company will be able to make chocolates with as much as 40% reduced sugar.

Eating chocolates is not the biggest source of sugar consumption by any average American but recently the number of reported cases of obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases have increased drastically. The major problem in reducing sugar is whether the company will be able to maintain the original flavor or not.

Nestle Chocolate

Nestle thinks it can. As per the company, its scientists have developed a new way of altering sugar’s structure in such a manner that it disassembles in the eater’s mouth and a lower amount of it goes into his gastrointestinal tract.

This will allow food companies to use less of their products, which is important as a single bar of Kit Kat contains almost the amount of sugar intake that the American Heart Association recommends.

Till now, Nestle has not disclosed its findings and is in pursuit of patents. The company plans to begin using its reformulated sugar in its products from 2018 onwards. It may even sell it to other companies as well down the road. However, do note that this new sugar technology will be replacing all sugar, for instance, it can’t be used to sweeten soda or coffee.

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