New iPhone 7 Ad “Dive” Highlights Stereo Speakers, Water-Resistance

No headphone jack? No worries. The new Apple iPhone 7 ad Dive focuses more on stereo speakers and water-resistance

iPhone 7 has been the talk of the town ever since it was released. Initially, people were furious about the jackless phone but they got over it as the model’ sales figure are going off the chart. One other gray area that has circulated around iPhone’s is the speaker that it does not support stereo speakers.

Well, this is about to change as Apple released a new iPhone 7 Ad called “Dive” which revealed that an iPhone that has stereo speakers and is water resistant as well. You can refer to the articles below for further specifications.

The new iPhone 7 ad reveals the sheer power of the stereo speakers as with the sound, water droplets around the phone were vibrating as well. This can be considered as a good trade by the company for the jack. So its safe to say now that no headphone jack, no worries at all. Just pump up the volume and you have your own personal stereo system jukebox on the go.

Maybe with these new features, Apple may be able to gain a few more customers have always gone against it due to the speaker. Apple is likely taking one step at a time, improving speakers, water resistance among many others. Let’s see what it comes up in its next iteration.

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