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PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio: Redefining Console Generations

PS4 and Project Scorpio will redefine console generations. It's a whole new ball game.

Console wars aren’t a new phenomenon but every generation of gaming, we see consoles compete against each other for supremacy. This has happened since a long time going back to the days of Atari 2600 and Intellivision. Since Sony’s PlayStation 4 took on Microsoft’s Xbox One, we have seen some of the biggest and best...
WWE WrestleMania 33 View Full Post

WWE Stars Get Set For Much Awaited Payback After WrestleMania 33

WWE superstars take a bow at WrestleMania but now it's time for Payback.

WWE’s answer to the Superbowl, WrestleMania 33 came and went, and there is already another major PPV on the cards. WWE Payback for the Raw brand is scheduled for April 30, 2017, and looks very appetizing. WrestleMania 33: History was made once again Before we start thinking about the Payback PPV, let’s take a look back...
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Pokemon Go Plus Gives Players The Hands-free Edge

Pokemon Go Plus allows players to go hands-free while catching Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is still widely popular in 2017 and if you want to get ahead of the competition, then make sure to grab the Pokemon Go Plus accessory. Thanks to the multitude of events related to the successful mobile game such as the water event, Pokemon Go still packs as much excitement as it did...
dmoz View Full Post

Google Open Directory Project is Closing This March, Here Are Some Alternatives

DMOZ is shutting down, we repeat, DMOZ is shutting down. Here are some of the best available alternatives.

DMOZ – The Open Directory Project that incorporates human editors to organize website is one of the oldest and most trusted web directories and it disclosed recently that it is shutting down. The announcement was made public on its web page and noted that it will close as of 14 March 2017. Going through the...
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Parents Are Furious To See Anti-Trump Questions In Children’s Homework

You should never impose your political views on others, even children. Read on and you'd know why.

Recently, a Staten Island teacher has been reproached after she gave the students an assignment that slammed President Donald Trump and another one that praised Barack Obama. However, these things didn’t settle well with a father whose daughter was marked off because he told her not to answer those questions and leave them blank. She...
Pokemon Go Valentine's Day View Full Post

Pokemon Go: Don’t Have Plans For Valentine’s Day? This Is What You Need

Pokemon Go offered the best plan for all of its Trainers. The Trainers will surely be busy now.

This one is for all the Pokemon Go Trainers out there. Pokemon Go announced that for Valentine’s Day, they have planned something special for their trainers. They want you to go out with your date and celebrate while catching new Pokemon. Well, even if you don’t have a girlfriend, you’ll get to catch more Pokemon...
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Family Playing ‘Pokemon Go’ Finds Dead Man Near Christian Seminary

This family was playing Pokemon Go when they found a mand's dead body and police began its investigation.

Police in Union County is undergoing an investigation after a family playing Pokemon Go found a man’s dead body near a Christian college in Matthews. This was has been identified as 42-year-old Andrew Michael Moore. The following is a tweet by the Union County Sheriff’s Office stating that the body was found near Southern Evangelical...
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Trump Supporters Raise $27,000 For Muslim Immigrant Whose Limo Was Torched

After a Muslim immigrant's limo was lit up and destroyed, Trump supporters raised $27,000 for him to cover the damages.

Some supporters of President Trump helped raise almost $27,000 for a limo owned by a Muslim immigrant, Muhammad Ashraf after it was set on site and was completely destroyed by left-wing protestors during the inauguration riots. Recently, the GoFundMe page for Nationwide Chauffeured Limo Service reached almost $27,000 in donations, out of which mostly came...
Matt Uhrin FedEx Driver View Full Post

Watch How A FedEx Driver Saves American Flag From Burning; A True American

Matt Uhrin did something courageous and patriotic that deserves an applause.

There used to be many patriotic incidents that used to happen in the past but it has become a rare moment nowadays. Such an event happened when a FedEx driver saw a US flag on fire and came to the rescue. Without thinking twice, Matt Uhrin, the FedEx driver saved the flag. Such kind of...
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Now You Can Track your New Year’s Fitness Targets with Google Calendar’s Goals

Google Calendar announced an update to its Goal feature that now works with Apple Health and Google Fit.

Last year, people Google Calendar announced Goals that had many people excited over it. The app incorporated Google’s prestigious AI that helped users figure out when and how to fit a run in your daily routine, or when to learn a new skill or even when you need to call your parents. The feature actually...

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