Overwatch Heroes In Pornhub’s Top 20 Searches

These Pornhub statistics show that people have developed a sort of fetish for Overwatch heroes.

Overwatch Heroes In Pornhub

Overwatch porn, may sound weird but it is exceptionally phenomenal. The surprising part is that Overwatch outranked ‘anal’ on Pornhub’s top 20 search terms of 2016. This shows how much people are into Overwatch and with these statistics, they are into it a bit too much if you ask us.

overwatch pornhub searches

If you’re wondering which players have been the most searched ones then think no more, here is the complete list of players:

  1. Tracer: 2,421,530
  2. D. Va: 1,544,587
  3. Mercy: 1,218,236
  4. Widowmaker: 992,994
  5. Sombra: 474,390
  6. Mei: 311,874
  7. Pharah: 213,440
  8. Ana: 118,711
  9. Symmetra: 32,352
  10. Lucio: 22,808
  11. Athena: 17,029
  12. Reaper: 7,029
  13. McCree: 6,423
  14. Genji: 3,997
  15. Roadhog: 3,661
  16. Hanzo: 2,048
  17. Soldier: 76: 1,676
  18. Winston: 882
  19. Reinhardt: 453
  20. Bastion: 197

Credit: Badcompzero

These are the countries that searched the most and believe it or not, there is no USA in the list.


Here is the sixth animated short film addition to the Overwatch franchise.

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