New Overwatch Player Gets Roasted by Reddit After Asking A Simple Question

If you are a newbie on any game and you are facing some difficulty, just Google it. Do not, we repeat, do not post it on Reddit.

Overwatch Widowmaker sniper

Overwatch got another Free Weekend last week, and veterans salivated at the thought. They couldn’t resist thinking about all that fresh meat they’ll be able to chew off. All the longtime players saw the saw the Free Weekend as a chance to grind up newbies and feel good about themselves that they still have it in them.

One poor but brave soul named dialglex, who was not able to adjust to the game as yet, posted a simple question on Reddit. The responses took the whole thing to another level.


If you are not familiar with the game then asking how to go into Widowmaker’s sniper mode is like asking someone how to look up. It is that obvious and that’s what dialglex may have regretted after posting this. Even though some players did answer the question but others surely had their fun with this question as well.

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So we suggest, next time before posting such a question, just Google it. Maybe some idiot newbie has already asked it and you’ll be saved from all that roasting and thrashing.


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