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The Money Snap: Million Dollar Selfies!

Ever thought selfies would be worth a million bucks; check out these million dollar selfies and judge for yourself.

Bored of photographing others? How about you rotate that camera and photograph your own self? Perfect. You have now taken a “selfie.” This terminology, created in early 2001, recently found a place in the Oxford Dictionary and was named as 2013′s word of the year. However, the term is not just limited to capturing an...
cupcake photoshoot View Full Post

The Cutest and Yummiest Cupcakes Photography You Ever Seen

Just look at those adorable and cute little cupcakes. We didn't know cupcakes photography was a thing.

This week’s post on food photography is all about cute little bundles of sweetness, or cupcakes as the world calls them. Cupcakes are little versions of heavenly cakes that not only look amazing but are also a treat for our taste buds. This Neapolitan cupcake lights us up every time we look at it. The...
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Top 5 Wedding Photographers In The World in 2017

One of the most important things to look at in a wedding is the photographer. If he's not up to the mark then it won't...

Capturing special moments at the most celebrated event in somebody’s life is an important duty. A wedding photographer performs this sensitive task and enables not only the bride and groom to relive those precious moments, but also the people attending the event. As an ode to wedding photographers all over the world, we decided to list...
mermaids hate plastic View Full Post

Photographer Benjamin Von Shows Why Mermaids Hate Plastic So Much

Photographer Benjamin began a project to raise awareness on how pollution is affecting the marine life and people too.

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the plastic that you just throw randomly here and there? All those plastic bottles do not end up in the recycling chain, some end up in the sea which is extremely harmful and dangerous to people and animals alike. This photographer is trying to raise awareness against...
donald trump young View Full Post

20 Rare Photos Of Donald Trump: When He Was Young and Handsome

BuzzFyre collected those pictures of Donald Trump that many might not have seen and that's why we bring Donald Trump young.

The US President-Elect Donald Trump has become one of the most searched celebrities online and even if you don’t search about him, you will always see his pictures everywhere, such as in news, ads, articles, etc. And we believe many of you might also be annoyed by the Orange guy but he wasn’t always like...
hillary clinton young View Full Post

10+ Rare Photos Of Bill & Hillary Clinton In Their Young Years

BuzzFyre collected the rarest pictures of Bill & Hillary Clinton in their younger years that you don't get to see everyday.

The Clinton family has been in the news for many years and many people know much about them but very few know Hillary Clinton before this Presidential elections. She gained her popularity in the last 1-2 years and before that people knew her weren’t much interested. However, we focused on how she was before this...
Karen Alsop View Full Post

Photographer Karen Alsop Brings Santa & Christmas To Sick Children In Melbourne

Karen Alsop wanted to give the sick children some moments of happiness in this Christmas and this is what she came up with.

Karen Alsop is an Australian-based photographer and digital artist, and on this Christmas, she came up with a whole new project unlike any other called the Christmas Wish Project. In this project, she magically transports terminally ill children from the hospital beds to winter wonders with Santa Claus. She decided that she wanted to give the...
Canon 6D Mark II View Full Post

Canon 6D Mark II: Is It Me That You Are Looking For?

We have some new information about the upcoming Canon 6D Mark II which you need to know.

Smartphone lovers always wait for the next iPhone or Samsung Note, Gamers always wait for the next big console, and photographers wait for the next Canon. This time we’re focusing on photographers as we have some rumors about the upcoming Canon 6D Mark II. Yes, the camera is expected to come out next year and...

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