Plants vs. Zombies Heroes’: 5 Best Tricks & Cheats You Must Know

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes lived up to players expectations and we bring the top 5 tips and tricks for the game.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Plants vs Zombies is a game that does not need any introduction as it is one of the most famous mobile game played globally. The franchise recently released a new version, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and we have the top 5 cheats and tricks for all players.

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1. Just Put 4 Copies of Key Cards in Your Deck

You can make a strong deck by keeping four copies of the cards you think to define your deck, this will help your deck perform better. When you’ll have four copies, the chances that you’ll draw them increases and it makes a clearer path towards victory. The deck shown below has four copies of both Shroom for Two and Buff-Shroom, which gives a good chance of utilizing it for a powerful opening.

plants vs zombies heroes tips cheats

2.Do Keep a Watch on Your Cost Curve

Even though the more expensive cards have a dramatic effect, they are really needed at the latter stages of the games. You need to have at least 8 cards that cost one Sun or one Brain, 8 that cost two, and 8 more that cost 3 to ensure you can play cards early on. You also need to keep fewer copies of the most expensive cards. The deck shown below utilizes 6 cards that cost more than 3.

plants vs zombies heroes tips cheats

3.Trust us on this and Try to Spend All Your Sun or Brains Each Turn

During every turn, you have to make sure that you strategize a plan to fully utilize all your resources. Aim to use all your Brains or Suns as they do not carry over to the next round. This would enhance yours prospects for victory.

plants vs zombies heroes tips cheats

4.Try to Find As Many As Synergies As You Can

Try to find cards that synergize with each other. Even though each card is great on its own but it is more effective if it is played with a complimentary card. For example, cards like Snowdrop are weak on their own but are really powerful with freezing synergies like Chilly Pepper and Iceberg Lettuce. In the example shown below, the two Snowdrops will get +4/+4 from the two Snow Pea freeze effects before their turns to fight.

plants vs zombies heroes tips cheats

5. Try to Match Your Strategies With Its Hero

Every Hero leads two classes of cards and can use 4 different Superpowers. Some Heroes are good at early attacks whereas others are good at a later time. You should try to match each Hero with the resources you have to increase your chances of victory. The example shown below, Nightcap has two Mushrooms Superpower Tricks which complement the other mushrooms in the deck.

plants vs zombies heroes tips cheats


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