7 Dumbest And Pointless Inventions of 21st Century That Make You Question Why

We have seen some strange inventions over the years but these 7 inventions take the leaderboard without a doubt.

Pointless Inventions of 21st Century

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. But what about those inventions that weren’t needed, to begin with? Let’s shake our heads together in shame on the following list of stupid pointless inventions and pray to God they never see the light of mass production, ever.

1. Eye Drop Perfector

Eye Drop Perfector


Precision is everything, especially when it comes to the eyes. So, if you have trouble using eye drops, then this is the thing for you. Pop these funnel glasses and then use the drops effortlessly. Everything will drop into your eyes for sure. Sadly, the revolutionary idea does not take into account the fact that most people have problems with eye drops because they blink at the wrong time or because they cannot keep their eyes open for such a long time. Ah well who cares.

2. Fliz Bicycle

Fliz Bicycle

Image: funkeeper.net

We know that this picture speaks a thousand words, but we will still explain in detail because we like making fun of this absurd creation. Ok, so you do not sit on the bicycle but it sits on you. It has not pedals and no seat and needs to be buckled up to your body. You walk and the wheels turn. We have a better idea; why not walk to your destination in an upright position? Why go around like the hunchback of Notre Dame with a stupid yellow bicycle weighing you down?

3. Ctrl-Alt-Delete Presser

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Presser


God forbid if you wake up one morning and feel like a sloth of humankind. But fear not, this invention is “the” invention for you. In one movement of your hand, you can relieve your fingers of the humongous task of pressing three keys at a time. This God sent creation is perfectly aligned with the three keys and makes your laziness lethal. So go for it. Not!

4. The Fork- Knife Combo

The Fork- Knife


This is the Swiss knife of utensils. An invention which is ideal for when you are running out of time and cannot set up two individual utensils. It is also the perfect choice for surgeons and tailors alike and is a conversation starter on the dinner table. Who knew eating food could be an uphill task on its own. Hurrah for stupidity!

5. Portable Tent

Portable Tent


Are you a fan of camping? Do you love adventure? Do you hike up the mountains? Do you like to pretend that you are a distant cousin of the big foot? Is the problem of packing, unpacking and setting up camp upsetting you? If your answer is yes, then this invention is for you. Set the tent up only once and never again. Wear your tent around you and conquer the peaks. When you reach the desired point take off the wearable tent and sleep inside. So convenient! Also, the added benefits are that the tent acts as a wind breaker too. Of course, the only problem is that you cannot get into small spaces with a huge tent around you and the weight of the stupidity surrounding you will weigh you down.

6. Car Dog Sack

Car Dog Sack


Attach this sack to the side of your car and put your beloved dog in it and off you go. You need not care about ruined car interiors because your pet will not be traveling inside anymore. Man’s best friend will hang on the side of your car for dear life while enjoying the fresh, speedy breeze.  One more thing, your dog will not die of suffocation because there is a hole for your dog’s head. But yes, of course, it could cause accidents which could prove to be deadly. No biggie.

7. Shoe Umbrellas

Shoe Umbrellas


If your shoes are more important than your sanity and your public image, then go ahead and buy these small stick-on umbrellas that will protect your shoes from water while you take a walk in the rain. A more sensible approach would be to wear rain boots or even carry spare shoes during the rainy season, but who cares about sense and sensibility when there is so much nonsense in the air. We wonder what is next; Tiny wipers for your glasses?

Too much stupidity for one day but we hope that you are not one of the creators of these inventions and in case if you are, we would like to ask, sir, why?

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