Pokemon Go Fans: Ditto Is Live, We Repeat Ditto Is Live And Transforming

There were many rumors circulating that Pokemon Go might add Ditto into the game. This rumor was confirmed today that they have indeed added it.

Ditto in Pokémon GO

There were many new features and events being added into Pokemon Go but there was never really a new Pokemon added. Each day, Pokemon Go fans awaited that the company may add Ditto or any other legendary Pokemon to the list. However, their wait is over as according to numerous reports, Ditto has been added and activated in the game.

Ditto in Pokémon GO

Ditto was activated in the game earlier today and trainers around the globe are searching here and there to catch one. But the real question is, how are they going to find him? He won’t just appear in the wild as a giant pink blob. The key is that Ditto is hidden in the hidden disguised as other Pokemon and the trainer won’t know if he has caught one until he catches the one in front of him.

Till now, Ditto is mostly hidden in the most common of Pokemon like Pidgeys, Rattatas, Magikarp, and Spearows. The catch is that right after you catch the Pokemon, you need to stick around for a bit if not you might have already caught a Ditto and you would not know it.

The fun starts once you have caught him as you can use his transform in gym battles and actually copy the look and every move of the opposing Pokemon. There couldn’t have been a much better Thanksgiving gift then Ditto for Pokemon Go fans.


Here is a video of a trainer who caught a Rattata which then transformed into Ditto.

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