Pokemon Go FastPokeMap: RIP My Old Friend, You Will Be Missed

If you are wondering why your FastPokeMap is not working then you need to read this.

Niantic had been rolling out a lot of new updates and tweaks for its Pokemon Go. This included new spawn mechanics, new tracker rollout, new nest migration, and new daily quest features. However, in the midst of these rollouts, it also rolled over the heart of the lead developer of FastPokeMap, Waryas.


Waryas was the lead developer behind FastPokeMaps and he was the one who shared the news that the service has been shut down in an emotional letter through his Reddit account, in which he explained his personal motivation, struggles, and decisions. Here is the complete letter.

“I don’t know what to say except that a work of 3 months just disappeared and that i’m too disheartened to even say anything. I cried a bit earlier (Nah not for the money loss haters but for losing something i worked so hard on, something i needed to keep myself sane). Thanks everyone for all the support we’ve had since the 1st August.

Thanks haters for entertaining me enough and making me more motivated to prove you wrong and pushing me to make FPM better than ever. Sadly Niantic has other plans for this game and they’re starting to rollout their pokemon-near-pokestop tracker worldwide.

It’s been a blast, here is my parting gift:

https://gist.github.com/FastPokeMapDev/8bdf33c4dbdd0d21333058c4d4eeabd6 Licensed under MIT.

https://gist.github.com/anonymous/3e7d978c32a169a8f4a6248434b7d11c – C Version – MIT License 

Make FPM proud and make the best open source projects and maps.”

After 3 months, the Pokemon Go’s FastPokeMap app is officially been shut down. According to Wayras, Niantic has other plans for the games and it is releasing its own Pokestop trackers worldwide. That may be of help but the FastPokeMap was one of its kind and nothing will be able to replace it.

Just in case you Pokemon Go fans were wondering why the FastPokeMap app had stopped working, well now you know what happened. Rest in Peace FastPokeMap, you will be missed badly.

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