Pokemon Go Graphics Loading Issue: Here’s How To Fix It

Many players have been reporting that they are facing graphic issues in Pokemon Go. Here’s what you can do about it.

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There are many reports by Pokemon Go players across the globe that they are experiencing a bug in which the game graphics do not load properly after updating their apps. These complaints began on Monday on Pokemon Go subreddits where dozens of players said that whenever they are opening the app, the game doesn’t display any Pokemon, gym, or Poke Stop. It’s like the app is able to load part of the graphics but fails to load the rest.

Pokemon GO December update

How to Fix This?

For now, you can do just one thing to fix this glitch and that is force closing the app. For iOS players, this can be done by double pressing the home button and swiping the Pokemon Go app upwards to close it. For android players, they need to go to the settings app, find the Pokemon Go app, and press ‘force stop.’

Then after this, you simply need to reopen the game and this method mostly fix the glitch. However, if this doesn’t work for you properly then try doing it a few more times and restarting your phone may also help.

One other solution that player reported that work is to open and close the journal. This doesn’t seem like much of a viable solution but some say it works so there is no harm in trying.

This is not a new bug that just popped up recently, it has been there since Pokemon Go’s launch in July and mostly it has been iOS users that have faced such issues but recently many android users have also reported of such a problem.

Niantic has not yet acknowledged this bug on any of their social media pages and this could lead to a bigger problem. Some players on Reddit stated that the game became so annoying that they stopped playing it because every time they opened the app, the app wouldn’t load the Pokemon or gyms or both. Niantic really needs to fix this before more players begin to leave.


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