Pokemon Sun Vs Pokemon Moon: A Guide to Choose The Version You Need

Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun are releasing on November 18, and both games are heavily packed but the real question is which one will you buy?

Pokemon Sun' vs. Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun are about to release and Poke fanatics already may have made up their mind on which version to buy. However, it can be tricky for newbies as still be inquiring on why there are two versions of a single game. The main reason behind this is that they are not the same games in terms of some measures.

So to all newbies and Poke Fanatics alike, we have gathered a list of version exclusive details that will help you decide whether you should go for Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon.

Legendaries and Alola Forms

As most of the earlier versions, each version allows you to net its mascot. For Pokemon Moon, it’s the psychic/ghost type Pokemon Lunala. On the other hand, for Pokemon Sun it is psychic/steel type legendary Pokemon Solgaleo.

Moreover, both games are bringing a semi-new type of Pokemon species known as Alola forms. This form allows already existing Pokemon creatures that changed their form and type to adapt to their environment. For Pokemon Moon, the gamer will get Alola forms of Sandslash and Sandshrew whereas for Pokemon Sun, you will get Vulpix and Ninetails.

A New Evolution – Rockruff

Both versions of the games will introduce a new dog-like Pokemon called Rockruff. This peculiar Pokemon can evolve into two different forms and that depends on the version you buy.

For Pokemon Sun, this will evolve into Lycanroc but will keep a midday form for this version.


On the other hand, for Pokemon Moon, Lycanroc will keep the ominous-looking and menacing midnight form.



Fossil Pokemon

These Pokemon’s are considered as version exclusives as you can always trade them with the other version. However, we’re adding this to help you decide which version to go for.

The fossils that are available in Pokemon Moon are Archen that evolves into Archeops and Shieldon that evolves into Bastiodon. Whereas, in Pokemon Sun, Tirtouga that evolves into Carracosta and Cranidos that evolves into Rampardos.

Another Interesting thing – Ultra BEASTS

Both games will also be introducing Ultra Beasts that are enigmatic and extraterrestrial Pokemon creatures that threat the Alola region. For Pokemon Moon, the gamer will face UB-02 Beauty and in Pokemon Sun you’ll come across UB-02 Absoprtion.

Time Difference

One other factor to keep in mind is that there is a 12-hour difference between the two versions. For Pokemon Sun, the player can play in real time according to the 3DS clock in his system but Pokemon Moon players will get an extra 12 hours on top.

We hope this guide would help you decide on which Pokemon version to go for. Even though we’ll suggest go for both, play one, finish it and the go for the next one.

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