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Parents Are Furious To See Anti-Trump Questions In Children’s Homework

You should never impose your political views on others, even children. Read on and you'd know why.

Recently, a Staten Island teacher has been reproached after she gave the students an assignment that slammed President Donald Trump and another one that praised Barack Obama. However, these things didn’t settle well with a father whose daughter was marked off because he told her not to answer those questions and leave them blank. She...
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Trump Supporters Raise $27,000 For Muslim Immigrant Whose Limo Was Torched

After a Muslim immigrant's limo was lit up and destroyed, Trump supporters raised $27,000 for him to cover the damages.

Some supporters of President Trump helped raise almost $27,000 for a limo owned by a Muslim immigrant, Muhammad Ashraf after it was set on site and was completely destroyed by left-wing protestors during the inauguration riots. Recently, the GoFundMe page for Nationwide Chauffeured Limo Service reached almost $27,000 in donations, out of which mostly came...
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Watch How A FedEx Driver Saves American Flag From Burning; A True American

Matt Uhrin did something courageous and patriotic that deserves an applause.

There used to be many patriotic incidents that used to happen in the past but it has become a rare moment nowadays. Such an event happened when a FedEx driver saw a US flag on fire and came to the rescue. Without thinking twice, Matt Uhrin, the FedEx driver saved the flag. Such kind of...
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Uber, Apple, Google Are The Latest Tech Companies To Stand Against A Muslim Registry

Many tech giants have been asked to help in making a Muslim Registry as part of Trump’s administration.

Recently, Uber, Apple, and Google have expressed their views regarding their participation in helping build a Muslim registry for the upcoming Donald Trump administration. An Apple’s spokesperson stated, ‘We think people should be treated the same no matter how they worship, what they look like, who they love. We haven’t been asked and we would...
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Alison Jackson May Get Into Trouble For These Donald Trump Photos

Alison Jackson came up with these highly controversial photos of Donald Trump that may lead her to some heavy legal actions.

Alison Jackson is a British artist who might have taken a step way too far in showing her artistry. She used Donald Trump’s lookalikes to pose him in very compromising situations. These images range from the US President having sex with Miss Mexico in the Oval Office to having his pictures taken with Ku Klux...
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Time Magazine Poses Donald Trump As ‘Satan’ With Horns

Many people all over the Internet are furious on Time Magazine's decision of choosing Donald Trump as their Person of the Year. But there is...

Ever since the Time magazine nominated Donald Trump as their Person of the Year, the Internet has gone haywire over the mere thought. Many people are furious about how can they choose him and what not. However, there has been another controversy circling in the social media that the way Trump has been placed on...
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The Internet Goes Haywire After Time Magazine Nominates Trump As Person of The Year

Time Magazine disclosed that their new Person of the Year is none other than Donald Trump but the Internet didn’t take it that well.

The Internet has gone furious after Time Magazine nominated Donald Trump as their Person of the Year 2016. Donald Trump won the top spot by beating 10 other finalists that include Russian President Vladimir Putin and UKIP leader Nigel Farage. This seems like tough competition but this award is mostly given to individuals that other...
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PornHub Is One Weird Place Where Donald Trump With Family Are Getting Famous

Donald Trump's latest fame comes from PornHub due to high searches of him and his family, Melania, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump.

There are many people who are big fans of the new US President Donald Trump and his family. However, there are some out there that like them a bit too much. Recently, PornHub released statistical results which showed that on November 9th, 2016, the day Donald Trump was elected, his and his families searches on...
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Was Donald Trump Born In Pakistan? A Hoax or Not, Let’s Find Out

Pakistani news channel states that Donald Trump was born in Pakistan and there is a whole story that justifies him being in America.

You may have come across various weird and bizarre theories before but this one is worth remembering. According to a Pakistan News Channel, the new US President, Donald Trump was originally born in Pakistan and his name was Dawood Ibrahim Khan. His parents died and an army captain took him to England from where a...

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