Pregnant Animal X-Rays Reveal An Angle Which People Are Not Aware Of

These are X-Rays of some of the most common pregnant animals out there that may help people realize what they might be going through.

There are many people that do not care about animals, they do not realize that animals have families too. They too have children and parents, or they can also be pregnant. Yes, you may never  know the cat or dog your trying to shed off may be pregnant. There are many pregnant animals that roam around and many of us may not even know.

Here are a few X-Rays of a few pregnant animals that may allow you understand that the animals are not much different than others.

A Pregnant Dog:

Here you can see so many small puppies in this mommy dog’s belly.

A Pregnant Turtle:

This pregnant turtle X-ray shows where a turtle keeps it eggs.

A Pregnant Cat:

Here’s an X-Ray of a pregnant Cat.

An Expecting Shark:

This might be a little scary for some but this is an Ultrasound of pregnant shark that has 20 tiger shark pups in her.

A Pregnant Snake:

This is an image of an X-Ray of a pregnant snake.


A Pregnant Chinchilla:

This is an image of an X-Ray of a pregnant Chinchilla.


A Pregnant Bat:

Here’s something you don’t get to see every day, an X-Ray of a pregnant bat.

An Expecting Guinea Pig:

Twitter: @pitrizzayyy

Another Pregnant Guinea Pig:

A Pregnant Seahorse:

An Expecting Tree Skink:

A Pregnant Bearded Dragon:


An Expecting Raccoon:


A Pregnant Monkey:

Taronga Zoo

A Pregnant Deer:

Twitter: @wildliferescuer

A Pregnant Kiwi:



Source: BuzzFeed

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