PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio: Redefining Console Generations

PS4 and Project Scorpio will redefine console generations. It's a whole new ball game.

PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio

Console wars aren’t a new phenomenon but every generation of gaming, we see consoles compete against each other for supremacy. This has happened since a long time going back to the days of Atari 2600 and Intellivision. Since Sony’s PlayStation 4 took on Microsoft’s Xbox One, we have seen some of the biggest and best games in the last few years. As gamers, all we want are quality games and competition breeds success.

PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio

PS4 has spun-off to the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One will be reinvented as Project Scorpio later this year. Project Scorpio is already said to be the most powerful console ever, according to Microsoft. How will it fare against the PS4 Pro? That remains to be seen as games always win these wars, not specs in our opinion.

That being said, we can finally call next-gen consoles current-gen and look forward to what their successors will be. How different will the PS 5 or the Xbox Two be? How will the PS4 and Project Scorpio impact future console generations?

The Future is Wow!

Considering how the gaming business has changed over the years, the latest consoles will definitely try to incorporate the new models. We would assume they would go against the PC market as well since high-end PCs eventually become more powerful than the consoles. We may have the possibility to add more RAM as we are able to switch out hard drives on the PS4.

Both consoles may harness the power of the cloud and local hardware. Consoles will come in several editions with different hardware and software specs. Perhaps  they will be released in a span of few years one after the other.

The Future of Physical Media

Physical media will stay as an all-digital future will require reliable internet connections and these days even 1 TB hard drives fill up quite easily. Streamed gaming is a bit too primitive to take off in the next generation. We also saw how gamers preferred full ownership of their physical discs which made Sony favorites of gamers and prompted Microsoft to take back their decision on removing DRM from their discs prior to launch.

Is this the future of gaming?

Upscaling beyond high definition

Resolutions will definitely go beyond 4K HD since we have been aiming for 1080p HD for two console generations. PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio are already 4K-compliant. So when it comes to competition, how different or similar will the PS5 and Xbox Two be? Sony may not go the ambitious route they went with the PS3 by using the Cell and may stick to the tried-and-tested x86 technology that is also the driving force of the PS4 and is developer friendly.

Microsoft may stick to the same tech but their focus would be more towards gaming as seen by the arrival of Phil Spencer last year as the Xbox division boss. If Spencer sticks around till Xbox Two, the all-in-one entertainment model may be adapted towards a gaming-centric machine.

Sony’s Continued Focus on “Play”

Sony will continue to focus on gaming as it has done with the PS4. It may also attempt to market the next commercial disc-based media which could be 4K Blu-ray. 4K Blu-ray discs won’t be the forefront of the marketing materials as it was for the PS3, but will definitely be listed as an essential feature. It worked for the PS2 and it may just work for the PS5. We would even go out on a limb and say that both PS5 and Xbox Two will be backward compatible. The PS Now streaming service would be dedicated to more Smart TVs and media players.

Virtual Reality headsets like PlayStation VR and Hololens are expected to be bundled accessory. PlayStation VR is already in the market and a truly incredible device and with a better games lineup and console hardware, the next version could give gamers more immersive experiences.

Virtual Reality headsets like PlayStation VR could be bundled accessories

The Impact of Nintendo Switch

The latest Switch console from Nintendo already has a better start than the Wii U did back in 2012. The hybrid home-mobile console is already a winner in our books in terms of its feature set. “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is one of the best titles for the relatively new console. Would Nintendo’s latest baby “switch” things up for future console generations? In our opinion, Nintendo will continue to innovate and keep its niche market while Sony and Microsoft will attempt to achieve breakthroughs in power, graphics and screen resolutions as seen with the PS4 Pro and upcoming Project Scorpio. Whether Sony or Microsoft try to give Nintendo’s Switch some competition as we saw with the PS Move and Kinect respectively is anyone’s guess.

Crowning the Winner

Having said all the above, who will be the winner next generation? Sony proved that they are indeed the champion of console gaming with the PS4 (and PS2 previously) selling phenomenally. The PS4 crossing 50 million consoles is an amazing milestone. VGChartz currently estimates PS4 sales to be 56.4 million and Xbox One to be 28.9 million.

Will Xbox One struggle as it did this generation? It may be a closely contested battle since Microsoft has now learned the harsh lessons of the Xbox One reveal.  The Xbox One S has already proved to be a better machine than the original Xbox One. The PS4 Slim has now replaced the original PS4. However, the PS4 is still miles ahead in sales. At the end of the day, it will simply boil down to which console has the best assortment of games including multi-platformers and exclusives.

Its All About the Games

Hopefully, a new Grand Theft Auto game can be a launch title for both consoles. We can expect new God of War, Killzone and Uncharted titles for the PS5 and Halo, Gears of War, Forza and such for the Xbox Two. We hope Naughty Dog does continue Uncharted even with different characters since Nathan Drake seems to have retired from adventuring. The upcoming “The Lost Legacy” DLC for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End looks quite appetizing.

The PS4 could very well be the champion next generation

The future does look exciting and we are just speculating what it may look like when the Xbox Two or PS5 release. It won’t be a surprise that these consoles are being developed as we write. Release cycles could vary as one console may release ahead of the other; and in different iterations. Who is set to win the next battle? Something tells me it may be Sony again but Microsoft will put up a fierce fight.

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